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6-7 Month Baby Food Routine

6-Monthh Baby Tips and Tricks:-

Since you’re going to start solid food for your baby you shouldn’t think that they will eat just the way we have three meals and snacks in between. It’s their first time and they don’t know anything about food. So it takes time for them to adapt to it slowly.
So we have to start with one meal and increase it gradually. This one meal should be very light and easily digestible for the baby. Include mainly fruits and some vegetables only. Avoid non-veg, cheese, eggs, etc in the 6-month baby. Offer the same food for 2-3 days to check for any allergic reactions.
Start with one tablespoon of food and see if the baby is having it. If he likes to eat then feed him and if he throws out the food don’t force him to eat. Give the same food after some time. Babies usually don’t like to eat food as it is a completely different world to them. So keep trying slowly and you will be successful. The texture of the meals should be as thin as milk. Always maintain hygiene while preparing baby food and always serve it fresh.
Remember that breastmilk or formula milk is still a very necessary source of nutrition for the baby. You can’t measure the amount of breastmilk your baby is taking so try to understand her hunger cues and give accordingly. The amount of milk that the baby takes will automatically decline slowly when he starts having solid foods.4-6 servings of  Formula milk is enough for the baby in 24 hours. Each baby is different and their quantity of milk intake is also different.

Food Timings For 6-7 Month Baby:-

  • Wakeup time (6 am-7am) = Breastmilk/formula milk (180ml-220ml).
  • Breakfast (8.30 am-9.30 am) = one to two tablespoons of any fruit or vegetable puree.
  • Mid-morning (11.30 am-12.00 pm) = Breastmilk/Formula milk (180ml-220ml).
  • Lunch (1.30 pm-2.00 pm) = one to two tablespoons of any fruit or vegetable puree.
  • Mid Evening (5.00 pm-5.30 pm) = Breastmilk/Formula milk (180ml-220ml).
  • Dinner (8.00 pm-8.30 pm) = Breastmilk/Formula milk (180ml-220ml).
  • Bedtime = 9.00 pm.

6 Month diet plan:-

Only ONE MEAL is enough for a 6-month-old baby as their stomach is still so small and it’s still developing to try more new foods. You can give this meal either for BREAKFAST or at LUNCH. Avoid giving meal at NIGHT time because since you’re giving food for the first time you may not know how does it affect your baby. Some babies may develop allergic reactions, gas, and discomfort and some may get diarrhea. If you give food at night you may not know how the baby is adapting to it since you all will be sleeping and when you wake up in the morning the problem can become worse. If you give food in the morning you will have the whole day to check out for any problems with the baby.
 Fruit Meal options:-
  • Banana puree.
  • Apple puree.
  • Pear puree.
  • Avacado puree.
  • Prunes puree.
  • Apricot puree.
  • Peach puree.

Vegetable Meal options:-

  • Carrot puree.
  • Sweet potato puree.
  • Pumpkin puree.
  • Peas puree.
  • Potato puree.


  • Oats puree.
  • Moong daal puree.
  • Ragi puree.
  • Rice(cooked soft).
  • Cerelac (rice only).

7-month diet chart:-

At 7 months you can give TWO MEALS a day. One at breakfast and another at Lunch. You can also make a combination(mixing) of any two foods and give them along with all the foods included in the 6th month. Like:-
  • Carrot apple puree.
  • Rice with Moong daal.
  • Pear Avacado puree.
  • Mango puree.
  • Bottle Guard puree.
  • Suji kheer.

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