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 Which Stool Color Indicates What In Babies?

One of the most common things that we see in our baby’s daily routine is their potty or stool. Since our baby’s birth, we may have seen so many types, colors, and textures of stool our baby passed on. The stool color and consistency tell you how your baby is feeling. You may have noticed that in adults, to check for some diseases, a stool test and urine test are taken. Just like that by seeing your baby poop, you will understand how healthy your baby is.
But remember one thing that since birth your baby is going through so many milestones. From learning to breastfeed, having solids, having different types of foods, hormonal changes in the body, doing many activities, new environment, drinking cow milk to becoming an adult. All these phases take so much energy from your baby’s body and so many changes happen throughout this cycle hence your baby’s behavior changes and so does the poop. Your baby poop color, texture, and type also change with every milestone. So you shouldn’t panic if you notice your baby’s poop is different from before. Just keep an eye on it and see if he continuously poops like that. If it happens continuously you have to consult your doctor because it might be due to some problems with the stomach.


In this article, I will help you to know all about your baby’s stool. How and when does it change its color, texture, and type truly based on my baby’s experience? My baby is 2 years old now and he has gone through so many different types, colors, and textures of stool throughout his infant-to-toddler journey.



 Important Notes:-

  • Newborn babies pass black and tarry stools for 3 days and then it slowly changes to green loose stool when your baby is 6 days old your baby’s stool will make a transition from green to yellow loose stool. In the initial days, your bay may poop a lot. At least 4 to 5 dirty diapers per day or even more. This is completely normal. The first stool that your baby passes is called meconium.
  • Breastfed babies pass loose stool with less odor but if the mother consumes food that has strong odors then the baby poop will also smell strong and similar to the food taken by the mother.
  • Formula-fed babies pass sticky and dark brown color stools. And they smell strong.
  • Making a transition from breast milk to formula milk or solids will change the stool color to brown and a little thick consistency with a strong odor.
  • Some babies after 12 months may poop 4 to 5 times a day and this is completely normal as long as the baby is healthy.
  • The consistency of the poop will change from loose to thick brown poop when the baby is one to one and a half years old.

Types of Stool in Babies:-

  1. Hard Stools.
  2. Diarrhea.
  3. Green Stool.
  4. Black Stool.
  5. Blood in Stool.
  6. Pale Stool
  7. White Stool.
  8. Food in Stool.

1. Hard Stools:-  Hard and dark brown colored stools are a cause of Constipation in babies just like in adults. They are dark brown and their consistency is hard like pebbles or rocks. Babies strain and cry when they pass this stool. Home remedies can cure constipation in babies but if it doesn’t get cured at home, you have to consult your pediatrician. Include lots of liquids and fiber-rich foods in your baby’s diet and do some stomach and leg exercise to cure faster.
2. Diarrhea:- If your baby’s stool is watery or very loose with yellow or green color, it means your baby has diarrhea and needs medical attention if your baby had watery stools 4 to 5 times a day. Diarrhea can cause dehydration in your baby’s body so it is very important to cure it faster. Diarrhea can happen due to an illness or if the baby is allergic to some specific foods.





3. Green Stool:- This is the most common type of poop that you will see in your baby’s journey. Green watery poops are a sign of an illness and need medical attention. Green solid or smooth poop is caused by so many reasons:-
  • If the Baby is Having green color solids like leafy vegetables.
  • Teething can cause green poop.
  • If the baby is not getting enough hindmilk from breastfeeding.
  • Mothers having greeny vegetables or any other food with artificial coloring in their diet while breastfeeding can cause green stool in babies.
  • Viral infection and stomach flu can cause green watery stools.
  • Iron supplements can also cause green poop in babies.
  • If the baby is allergic to certain food and if he or the mother who is breastfeeding consumes it, it may lead to a green stool in babies.
  • Jaundice can also cause green stool in newborn babies.
4. Black Stool:- This can be alarming for both the parents and the baby. Sometimes it is normal to pass black color stool for a baby who takes iron supplements or if the baby had swallowed some blood from the mother’s cracked nipples while breastfeeding. Black stool can indicate that your baby has an upper intestinal tract infection which is a very serious issue and needs treatment as soon as possible. Remember that your baby can also pass black color stool if he had Oreo cookies, black grape juice, or any other food which has black food color in it. If your baby is healthy and active you shouldn’t worry at all. 
5. Blood in Stool:- Whenever you see blood in your baby’s diaper you have to call your doctor immediately because this can happen due to a digestive tract infection or milk allergy. Many parents get confused when they see small tiny red pieces in their baby’s stool. I was confused too when my baby had small tiny red pieces in his stool. I thought it is blood but the doctor told me blood doesn’t look like that. Sometimes it can also be the food that your baby ate like tomato, beetroot, watermelon, strawberry, etc. Try to check the consistency and you will know what is the consistency of blood and normal food.
Sometimes you may also notice small red pieces of blood. This can be due to anal fissures or more straining of your baby during potty time. If your baby strains a lot and puts pressure on the lining near your baby’s bum, that lining can tear a little and slight blood can come along with your baby’s stool. You have to consult your doctor and treat your baby’s constipation too.
6. Pale Stool:- This indicates that the baby’s liver is not functioning properly and hence the bile pigment is not produced by the liver which gives color to the baby’s stool. Call your doctor if the baby passes pale stools continuously or more than 3 to 4 times a day.
7. White Stool:- This indicates a problem in the gall bladder or the liver and needs medical attention. My baby passed white and grey stool twice a day and he was completely normal the next day his stool was normally yellow color again so I didn’t seek any medical advice.
8. Food in Stool:- This stool is also completely normal. You may see tiny pieces of grapes, watermelon, dates, apples, or any other food item in your baby’s stool. This is because babies don’t chew the food completely as we adults do as they don’t have all their teeth right now and hence the unchewed food won’t digest and come along with the stool in babies.




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