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Performing Umrah or Hajj for beginners takes a bit of work. Because there will be so much to walk around Mecca, Kaaba, and Madina, and explore everything in the city of Mecca and Medina if you are going there for the first time. Your legs are going to hurt a lot after completing your Umrah while performing it. Any ordinary woman or a man may quickly get tired. But if you have done Umrah several times before, then it will become easier for you to do it every time.
It will be a little more difficult for pregnant women to do Umrah as there will be many changes in their bodies going on throughout their pregnancy period. Some women may have different medical problems with which they will not be able to walk or stand for long hours during pregnancy. Some have doubts about whether they can perform Umrah or Hajj during pregnancy. Let me tell you that it is safe to perform umrah in pregnancy if you don’t have any medical problems or complications related to pregnancy like low-lying placenta, gestational diabetes, high bp, bleeding, TIs, etc. But still, you have to inform your doctor about your journey. If she advises you to go and perform Umrah, then only you can go. If you have any complications during pregnancy, you will be advised not to go.

In this article, I will tell you about my experience of performing Umrah during my first pregnancy. There are a few important things that you should know if you are pregnant. You have to avoid a few things and also do some things strictly for the well-being of your health and your unborn baby. 

My Personal Experience

During my first pregnancy, I was 21 years old. I conceived within 3 months of my marriage. My pregnancy was normal and healthy. I didn’t have any complications, and my pregnancy was going smoothly. During my third month of pregnancy, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I was taking a thyroid tablet early in the morning before breakfast. Once you get thyroid in pregnancy, you have to continue to take the tablet throughout your pregnancy. Your tablet dosage will depend on the level of thyroid you get in your blood report. 
My parents live in Saudi Arabia. I also lived there, till my marriage. But after marriage, I had to settle in Hyderabad due to my husband’s job. I used to miss Saudi Arabia a lot and also the Umrah that I used to do every month when I lived in Saudi Arabia. So my parents planned to take me to Saudi Arabia to do Umrah when I was 5 months pregnant. My dad issued a visit visa for me and for my husband. So I talked to my doctor about the journey.  She told me, I can go safely since I don’t have any complications. 
So we planned our journey to Saudi Arabia for one month. I went to Saudi first, and after 20 days, my husband also came on a visit visa that my dad issued for him too. So we planned our trip to Umrah from Riyadh to Mecca in our own big car. It was a 9-hour journey by road. We can also go by flight, but going by road is cheaper and more enjoyable. 



Since we had a big car, it was very comfortable for us to sit, sleep, and relax. I went with my parents, husband, and a driver. We used to stop in between for performing namaz or going to the toilet near petrol bunks. If you have visited Saudi or Dubai before, you may know that there is a small masjid, a Kirana shop, and toilets near every petrol bunk. This is compulsory and important for every petroleum bunk to keep a masjid, toilet, and a small shop near them so that people who are traveling long distances can easily get access to food, water, performing namaz, and toilets. 
After a 9 to 10-hour journey, we finally reached Musdalifa to wear ihram. I didn’t have any trouble throughout my whole journey. Because I was having snacks, juices, drinks, food, water, and many more needed for a comfortable journey ready in my car.  I didn’t feel any pain in my stomach or abdomen throughout my Umrah. Normally many pregnant women use a wheelchair to do Umrah as they may have some complications during their pregnancy or they may not be able to walk for long distances. 
I enjoyed my journey a lot. And doing umra in the state of pregnancy is really a blessing. The second trimester is the best to travel or plan a trip outside your hometown because you will have fewer symptoms of back pain, headaches, nausea, vomiting, leg cramps, and good balance. The first and third trimesters will be a little bit difficult due to all the pregnancy symptoms. 

Things you need for a trip:-

  • 3 liter Water bottle.
  • Healthy snacks like fresh fruits, dry fruits, and some salty snacks
  • A few chocolates if you feel dizzy.
  • Maternity belt for back pain.
  • Compression socks for leg cramps.
  • Polythene covers to put waste and vomiting deposits.
  • Handkerchief or tissues to clean anything.
  • Few cosmetics for a quick makeover.
  • Wet wipes or refreshing tissues to freshen up.
  • A storybook or comedy book for timepass.
  • Extra Maternity clothes.
  • Nighties are best while traveling during pregnancy as they are loose and comfortable.
  • Extra burkha, dupatta, and nose piece.
  • A small backpack to store snacks, water bottles, phones, charging wires, and other stuff.
  • Some useful medicines like paracetamol, Vicks, zandu balm,  vaseline, etc.
  • Hand sanitizers.
  • Coconut oil to apply on the head, legs, or stomach when you have pain.


There is no restriction for pregnant women to do hajj or umrah if they are healthy. You just need to follow some tips as you are carrying another life with you, and you should take care of the unborn baby by taking care of yourself. Drink plenty of water, avoid junk food, and eat salads, fruits, and nuts. Sit down or take some rest whenever you feel tired. You can also go by flight. This is more comfortable but a bit costly. Before traveling plan everything before. From flight bookings, traveling bags, hotel bookings, room bookings, etc. Trust me, you are going to enjoy this beautiful journey with your unborn baby.

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