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What is Depression Today?

Depression is a very common and very serious mental illness. It is a type of disease in which the brain stops functioning actively like before. It is a mood disorder in which the person feels sadness and a lack of interest. It can happen for various reasons like loss of job, breakup, death of your loved ones, sad incidents, accidents, bullying, work overload, etc. Its symptoms can vary from mild to very severe.
There are many types of depression but every type has only one solution, to treat it either by yourself or by taking others’ help. It can be healed and you can be back to your new life again.

From adults to children, everyone comes across this phase at one time or the other in their life. Depression can be only for a certain period or it can be with u lifelong if you don’t treat yourself at the right time.


  1. Lack of interest in every work.
  2. Weight gain / Loss
  3. Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol
  4. Suicidal thoughts.
  5. Crying without any reason.
  6. Lack of sleep or too much sleeping.
  7. Less interaction with your loved ones and society.
  8. Mood swings
  9. Loneliness though with people around.
  10. Lack of Energy.

Celebrities who fought Depression:-

You will be shocked to know that even celebrities and many of the big famous people have gone through depression and ANXIETY at some phase in their life. We think that they are famous and they have what they dreamt of and think that they won’t have any problems in life, but we are wrong because they are also humans just like us and there are ups and downs in life. Strong people get up from their hard situations and help others too.

1. Angelina Jolie.


She is an OSCAR-winning actor and also a WRITER and a DIRECTOR. She suffered from depression when she was a teenager as she was bullied by people around her as she was too thin and wore glasses and braces. She told that her depression was so severe that it included cutting herself and considered suicide. She was back into a healthy life after her success in the Hollywood industry and after becoming a mother of 6 children.

2. Chris Evans

The Captain America actor who became very famous after his role in CAPTAIN AMERICA also suffered from depression and anxiety. He told that he used to do self-meditation to calm his mind with the help of a guru in India. He opened up about his symptoms and treatment so that others get help and find a way to treat depression.

3. JK Rowling

The famous author who wrote the famous novel “HARRY POTTER” has become worldwide famous Her early life before she wrote the famous novel Harry Potter was in full poverty and she was a single mother without any job. She spent her days writing at the cafes when she was suffering from severe depression. She took treatment for her illness and finally fought out depression. 


Treatment is very essential for any type of disease and depression is also a type of illness that has to be treated as soon as possible.
If not treated at an early stage people develop suicidal thoughts or hurting themselves(self-harm) and take away their lives which is a gift of god and very precious. Remember that Suicide is just a temporary solution for your problem, it is not a permanent solution.
  1. Yoga(self-meditation).
  2. Talking to a FRIEND or RELATIVE
  3. Visiting PHYSCHRIAST
  4. Enough SLEEP
  5. Exploring Nature.
  6. Try to do new things.
  7. Make yourself BUSY
  8. Eat Healthy Diet
  9. Vacation
  10. Medicine
Always REMEMBER that you are not ALONE, there is always someone or the other to help you out. It can be yourself too. So before taking any bad decisions like SUICIDE give yourself some time and listen to people who are trying to help you get out of this mental illness. Remember the POSITIVE moments in your LIFE and move on.


“Where there is SUN there is MOON

Where there is LIGHT there is DARKNESS.

Where there is DARKNESS there is HOPE

And where there is HOPE there is LIFE.”


pregnancy and baby care

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