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 Reality Of Stammering Today

In a very busy and developing world today where everyone is busy with their work and gaining success there are some people I mean very few mainly 15% of the people in this world suffer from a depressing disease called STAMMERING. It is also called SHUTTERING.
People who shutter usually don’t like social gatherings and they are always silent. They like loneliness as they fear facing people due to shuttering. They are not able to speak a sentence or a word. They get tensed when they are about to speak in public or to strangers. Every work for them will be a burden. Going to the office and speaking with colleagues, managers, and clients, attending phone calls, ordering things online, public speaking, lectures, debates, presentations, telling their name or biography, Reading books loudly, etc each and everything will become challenging to them. They fight every day with themselves to improve their speech and hide from people and love to stay alone with no one around. They usually go into depression after some time as they will not have any friends, for amily to support them.
 Stammering is a speech disorder in which a person finds difficulty in saying a word, a sentence, or sa peech. They cant speak FLUENTLY. This is usually seen in children from aages3 to 5 when they are trying to learn new words and trying to speak fluently. It usually goes away after some time. But in some children, it may last longer and will be there lifelong.
Some people develop stammering in ADULTHOOD due to some tragic situations like:-
  1. Accident.
  2. Fear and Anxiety.
  3. Depression.
  4. Brain disease.
  5. Continuously being bullied.
  6. Love Failure.
 It’s very important to know about this speech disorder and help people who are going through this. Because LOVE and SUPPORT are two strong pillars that will help every human being tight anything. We are social beings and we need each other for everything. A man or a woman or even a child cannot stay here on this planet all alone though they have their pets, animals, or luxuries around.
pregnancy and baby care
 Always remember that a person with any defect is not a failure in his life. If he has some defect then there is something much stronger ability in him to be successful.
God has made us in the best way possible and if he has kept a defect in us then that would be for a good reason and don’t think that this will ruin your life. Just focus on your strong abilities and your fear will go away all on its own. Life is all about finding solutions to problems and solving them with patience and hard work.


  • Practice words that you cannot spell properly.
  • Do Yoga to relax your brain.
  • Talk slowly when talking to others.
  • Talk to yourself daily in front of a Mirror.
  • Record your voice and check where you stammer and practice on that.
  • Take speech therapy if possible.
  • Do vocal exercises.
  • Try to talk in public spaces.
  • Be socially active.
  • Attend public gatherings and debates.
  • Participate in the contest.
  • Before talking take a deep breath and relax.
  • Whenever you start talking and though you shutter in-between don’t lose hope and continue talking.
  • Don’t be afraid of people and stop talking.
  • Think that you are talking great and continue talking though you shutter in between.
  • Never think of stammering as a disease or a fault in you.
  • Practice speaking to strangers on the phone by ordering food, and clothes,  taking appointments, gathering useful information, etc.
  • When you shutter on a word or a sentence, take a deep breath and say that word or sentence again.


                       PRACTICE MAKES THE MAN PERFECT.

Do u know that people who shutter often don’t shutter when they sing a song? This is because your brain is used to saying slow words and just like that if you start speaking slowly I promise you will never shutter again after a few months.

Never think about what people will say or what will they think when you start talking in public or to any person, just go on talking with confidence. Self-motivation and willpower are very important to stand up to any difficult situation. You will be astonished to know that after a few months of continuous practice, your shuttering will go away automatically.

People will laugh at you, stare at you, think you are different and not clever, they may taunt you, etc. You have to make up your mind that this all is going to happen and it’s a part of oyourlife and practice speaking in public or to strangers continuously. Never give up. Some people may also encourage you to talk more and listen with patience to what you are trying to speak through you are shuttering in between. So don’t just give up only because someone taunted you or said bad about you.


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