My c section

pregnancy and baby care

How I Fought The Pain?

Two FEELINGS are considered to be as PAINFUL as DEATH
One is the DEATH itself
Another is GIVING BIRTH to a BABY
This was on the 7th of August 2019 at midnight 3 am, my baby in my womb was continuously moving around. It’s a magical feeling for a mother to feel those movements. And there were slight pains around my abdomen. At first, I thought it was just normal pain or regular kicks of the baby, but slowly the pain started to increase. Now I know that the special moment has come for me and I felt happy that finally, my baby is going to come out in this new world. I was lucky that I kept all my things packed which were necessary for my hospital stay and kept my diaper bag also ready so that I can take them to the hospital when it was time.
I had a HEALTHY pregnancy for all 9 MONTHS. Got thyroid in between but I had its treatment and it was gone. I had very less blood (ANEMIA) so I was given IRON INJECTIONS for two weeks maintaining a gap of 2 to 3 days in between so that it would boost my blood level as the correct percentage of blood is very necessary for delivering a healthy baby and to keep you healthy after delivery as you will lose so much blood while CHILDBIRTH.
So I woke up my mom at 3 AM and told her about my pains, my dad was not at home as he went to another place for work, My husband was in his mother’s home. We all started getting ready to go to my hospital. Our neighbors also came to support us. So me, my mom, my sister along our neighbor went to the hospital. But now all my pains were reduced and I didn’t feel any movement of my baby. I got tensed and rushed to the doctor.
 She checked my baby’s heartbeat and told me that everything is fine and I will deliver the baby within 2 hours. I was happy but at the same time tensed because this was my first time. My doctor told me to do walking continuously and drink black coffee so that I get sharp pains to deliver my baby normally. My mom was very happy, she called my mother-in-law and told her that I am going to deliver the baby in a few moments. My husband was also on his way from the office. Everyone had a huge smile on their face. I didn’t have any pain so the doctor kept a tablet in my vagina which is known as Misoprostol(CYTOTEC). I was also given glucose to boost my IMMUNITY.
 I started walking and drank coffee. I had a light breakfast with idli and coffee. After drinking coffee slight pains started. After some time all of a sudden my water bag broke. When the waterbag broke I felt like there is a balloon in my stomach and it suddenly burst. It was like a small bomb for me. Water was coming out so my mother took me to the doctor. I was left on a bed alone in a room with my legs stretched. Now the time was around 4.45 pm,  I was crying with sharp pains and there was no one in my room to support me or catch my hand and calm me. The doctors didn’t allow my family members to enter my room not even my mom. I felt very alone and started calling out mom but she was not able to come. I then started calling the doctor, she came and checked my birth canal and told me that I am ready for delivery. Three doctors along with two nurses came rushing. The nurses held both my hands and legs firmly and the doctors were making everything ready like towels, scissors water, etc. I was crying with pain, continuously screaming as the pain was unbearable.

I remember telling one of the doctors to do an operation as I was not able to control it anymore. She got angry and told me that I have to be patient. My baby was moving continuously inside my womb. I felt like he is shaking then suddenly the heartbeat of the baby increased and my blood pressure too. We were uncontrollable. One of the doctors told me that now we have to go for the c-section or else it’s a risk for me and my baby too. Some blood and some other fluids came out forcefully from my vagina and my family members were told that the c-section had to be done immediately. My mother agreed and signed the document. I was made to wear the operation suit and made to walk to the operation theater room and I was still feeling how my baby was pushing himself in the womb to come out.
I was given an EPIDURAL INJECTION into my lower back in a hurry and I don’t know what happened next. I went into a deep sleep and when I woke up I didn’t see my baby, some nurses were bandaging me, I was trying to tell them where my baby is but my lips didn’t move and my stomach felt like someone had cut it with a big sword. I was able to feel that pain though not that much. My doctor told me that I bled too much and need complete BED REST. I was sad as I didn’t see my baby. Nurses took me to the room and I was laid on a bed just like a corpse from one bed to another. I was conscious but my body was not at all moving. It was like my brain is active and my body is dead. I was put on GLUCOSE for complete 2 days. A urine bag was connected to my vagina.  No food and water, just glucose had to be given for healing the incision for continuously 2 to 3 days.
 The second day when my parents came inside to talk to me I told them I want to see my baby. No one was allowed in that room as there is a chance of getting an infection, but my dad requested the doctor and he allowed the baby to come in. My mother bought my baby and laid him beside me. I couldn’t explain how happy I was after seeing him. He looked just like a small angel to me, So fair, and had a very good personality. I forgot all my pain and tears rolled out from my eyes after seeing him for the first time.
pregnancy and baby care
I was discharged from the hospital after 4 days. All I wanted to say is being a mother is not so easy and it’s just an amazing feeling that every girl should experience at a certain time in their life. You will feel like you were dead before and got a new life with a little version of yourself. At this time you will understand the true value of your mother who gave birth to you battling all the pain, only for you.
 Even after a c-section, you will have abdomen and back pain for the whole 40 days and it becomes difficult for you to breastfeed the baby as you cannot sit straight for long. At this time support of your family members is very necessary or else you will go into postpartum depression.


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