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A 1 to 2-year-old baby is more active, sharp, healthy, and happy. He is always running around, trying to talk to you, interested in going out, and of course very much afraid of strangers. He loves to do his creativity with different things around him and his toys. He loves when you encourage him to do more or clap for him when he has done something new. He loves himself the most. He is busy trying to figure out his personality. He moves his toes, fingers, and head and sees how they move. He loves to flip over on a soft surface. His brain development is in a very rapid phase. He understands you and also tries to express his feelings. He always wants your presence and is attached to you all the time. He loves to see new things and play with them. A colorful box, a big spoon, a steel utensil, pen, pencil, marker, makeup products, his toothbrush, or normal cardboard paper, everything is new to him and he will try to explore it.


90 percent of your baby’s brain development takes place in these first 2 years so make sure you give him a healthy diet and spend lots of time with him. Don’t just focus on physical health or diet. To help your baby’s brain development you can do a few things as parents:-
  • Encourage him to do new things.
  • Limit screen time as much as you can. This can help your baby to focus on other new things and he will become creative trying to do new things with his toys and the things there around him.
  • Take him out to a park, mall, picnic, or family friend once a week.
  • Let him play with other children of his age or older kids.
  • Tell him stories to improve his listening skills.
  • Teach him some basic words and encourage him to repeat them.
  • Try to do everything in a routine so that he knows what to do and when.
  • When he does something wrong don’t scold him instead politely talk to him and tell him its disadvantages.
 Check out some interesting Toys for:-

Advantages Of Introducing Toys To Your Baby:-

  • Toys always keep your baby engaged outdoors and indoors.
  • They strengthen the senses of your baby like vision and hearing.
  • They can improve your baby’s concentration level.
  • They develop hearing skills when you give them rattles or other toys which make sounds.
  • They develop motor skills like moving hands and fingers, holding the toys, or kicking them, etc.
  • Babies learn cause and effect when they press the toy and it makes a sound. They learn that by pressing it makes sounds.
  • Toys help in building your baby’s memory.
All babies are different. Some like to play with toys always and some just play with them for 5 to 10 minutes and throw them away. Toys can keep your baby engaged only for some time, not the whole day. And that is also good because your baby needs to understand his surroundings, his family members, the outside environment, and his abilities to crawl and walk and learn every habit.
 According to me, babies don’t need a lot of toys. They are happy exploring themselves and playing with their family members. They love your presence and your attention. So make sure you spend more time with your baby than just giving him toys. They love when you hug them, kiss them, make different sounds, tell a story, make facial expressions, swing them in your arms, or sing a song. We didn’t introduce so many toys for our son. I bought some specific toys for him to make him learn. He spent most of the time with me playing and talking with each other.


If you want your baby to explore more toys available in the market, of course, you can. He will also be excited to see so many colors, sounds, and shapes of toys. But for middle-class people, this doesn’t work out. Take your baby to a park nearby or just go for a walk with your baby. He will be excited to see many people, children, cars, trucks, and lighting on the road.
Now let’s check out those amazing toys for your tiny toddler to enjoy and explore:-

1. Basketball along with Net and Stand

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  • Has your kid ever played basketball indoors? If not then you must buy this. This is one of the most entertaining games for your toddler. 
  • It comes with 5 adjustable 11-inch plastic poles, One net with a ring, a base for support, a basketball with a pin to blow the ball, and a huge board to give good support to the basketball stand and net.
  • It can be kept anywhere in the house as it doesn’t take up much space. 
  • You can adjust the poles according to your kid’s height. 
  • To keep it firm you have to fill the base with water or sand so that it stands firmly without falling when your baby throws the ball in the net.
  • One of the best gifts you can give to your toddler or kid.
  • Keep your baby engaged indoors and play with him to create a strong bond with each other and enjoy your family time. 
  • It is recommended for ages 3 to 10 but you can buy it for a 1 to 2-year-old baby too and help him learn. They will soon learn it and enjoy throwing the ball in the net. My baby also plays football with basketball.
  • It comes with a pin with which you can blow the basketball to keep it firm without losing its air inside.
  • It can be easily assembled or removed the poles and start playing sword fighting with the poles or kicking the balls with the poles. My son has done so many experiments with it. He may remove the net and place It on his neck and laugh. He removes the poles and kicks everyone in the house and uses it as a bat. He loves to play catch and ball and football with basketball.

2. Rolling Ball Tower


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  • According to me, this toy is a bit costly but it’s super fun to play with for your baby. Its height is a bit small. It’s just 1.5 feet. But still, it’s a great toy for your baby to learn new skills.
  • It comes with 4 stands, one base, a monkey stacker, and 3 small colorful balls.
  • It’s easy to assemble. Your baby can also use it as a construction toy by resembling it and making his tower.
  • The 3 balls have tiny beads in them which make a sound while they move. They come in attractive colors.
  • Just put the balls one by one in the mouth of the monkey stacker and see how they swirl down and come out from the tower hole down the ramp. Just see how excited your baby will be when he plays with it.
  • It’s made up of strong high-quality PVC. 
  • It can last for years.
  • Balls shouldn’t be thrown hard on the floor. It may break and all the beads may come out.







3. Rocking Horse


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  • These rocking horses have been used for ages by all parents for their children. It is one of the favorite toys of every child due to its attractive colors, cute fancy horse face, and its ability to swing up and down. 
  • But this horse is more than that. It’s multi-functional. You can use this toy as a rocker or a foot-to-floor ride-on.
  • To use it as a rocker just remove the wheels of the rocker from its original position and keep them in front. Or if your baby doesn’t like to ride on wheels, you can remove them completely and use them as a rocker.
  • To use it as a ride-on toy, you have to put it on wheels. These wheels move easily and your baby can ride in forward and backwarddirectionsn very easily and also in any direction.
  • The horse ears serve as a very good grip or a handle to support or balance your baby while playing.
  • Its seating is comfortable and is made up of high-quality plastic which can last for years.
  • When you order it, it comes without assembly. So you have to assemble every part and lock the screws and wheels properly. 
  • Instructions on how to assemble it will not be provided so you have to explore it through youtube videos and reviews of other parents who bought the same product.
  • It has an unbreakable body and smooth corners and edges.
  • It is very lightweight and your baby can handle it easily.
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • A perfect gift for a 1 to 2-year-old baby. 

4. Panda car

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  • The perfect gift to give to your child on special occasions or to make him extremely special and happy. It is loved by every child and adult too.
  • Let your baby enjoy his car ride indoors and outdoors.
  • It has a flashing light in front of the steering wheel and plays rhymes when your child presses the button on the wheels.
  • Its weight is 4 kg.
  • It is lightweight and very easy to use. Its steering wheel and floor wheels are super light and can turn in any direction with ease.
  • When you order it, it comes without assembly. So you have to assemble every part and lock the screws and wheels properly. 
  • Instructions on how to assemble it will not be provided so you have to explore it through youtube videos and reviews of other parents who bought the same product.
  • Your baby has to use his legs to move it ina forward and backward direction or any direction.
  • Once it is forcefully moved it can go on its own for some distance.
  • The maximum weight it can carry is 70 kg. So even adults with a weight under 70kgs can easily enjoy its ride.
  • Its front wheel doesn’t touch the floor. 

5. Ten Board Books

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  • One of the best books that you can introduce to your toddler at this age. Everything is in one small box. Everything your baby needs to know before he goes to school.
  • The box contains 10 board books based on different topics like:-
  •  ABC alphabets along with pictures (12 pages).
  • Numbers from 1 to 20 (12 pages).
  • Different shapes like circles, triangles, hearts, diamonds, rectangles, moon, stars, etc along with pictures (12 pages).
  • Different color names along with pictures (12 pages).
  • Wild animals’ names along with pictures (12 pages).
  • Names of farm animals and pets along with pictures (12 pages).
  • Different kinds of birds’ names along with pictures (12 pages).
  • Different kinds of fruits names along with pictures (12 pages).
  • Different kinds of vegetable names along with pictures (12 pages).
  • All kinds of transport names like cars, trucks, buses, trains, flights, helicopters, cycles, bikes, boats, ships, etc along with pictures (12 pages).
  • Its pages are strong and your baby will not be able to tear it. They are made of thick and high-quality board paper. Just make sure that they don’t get wet because they can tear easily if they get wet. 
  • The book size is very handy for your baby to hold it, open the pages, or close it. Perfect size for your baby’s tiny hands.
  • Due to its small size, it’s travel friendly too. 
  • Its pictures are so bright and colorful that they look like real-life things.
  • A must-have to develop reading and vocabulary skills in your baby.
  • At this age, your baby can point out some commonly known things to him like apples, cars, lions, cake, ice cream, cars, bikes, bangles, hens, sheep, moons, stars, watermelons, etc from these books.


6. Pack of 50 Balloons

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  • Balloons have always been a part of our life. We use it to create happiness or to celebrate. For every achievement and memory, we decorate our house with balloons. We use them at birthday parties, special events, weddings, proposing love, anniversary, festivals, baby shower, engagements, etc. 
  • Balloons are very fascinating and colorful to look at. They just brighten up our minds and heart whenever we see them with their beautiful colors and the way people decorate them.
  • Just like us toddlers and children are also so much interested in them. They love their colors and the way it blows in the air.
  • They love to play with it all the time b kicking it in the air and seeing how they fall slowly again on the floor.
  • Your toddlers will be very excited when you blow the balloon with your mouth in front of them.
  • According to me, it is the cheapest and most interesting toy you can buy for your child. 
  • They are travel friendly. You can carry some unblown balloons with you in your bag when you go outside for vacation or to different places where your baby may feel uncomfortable. 
  • Whenever your baby feels uncomfortable you can just blow the balloon in front of him and just see how his mood changes within seconds. 
  • It’s very helpful to engage your baby during travel flights, trains, cars, and buses. 
  • You can blow them with the mouth, air balloon pump, or helium.
  • They are made up of latex material.








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