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Your baby has started crawling and walking by now. He is very busy moving all around the house. He is busy exploring his skills and the environment around him. It’s time to keep all the dangerous items away from your baby’s reach like glass containers, harmful chemicals, detergents, cleaning liquids, and hot utensils. You have to encourage your baby to walk by now by holding his hands and making him walk. Take him outside to a park or just for a walk and encourage him to walk like all others do. In winter, if your floor is cold you can cover your baby’s feet with anti-slip socks. Buy shoes if you’re taking your baby outside for a walk.
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Advantages Of Introducing Toys To Your Baby:-

  • Toys always keep your baby engaged outdoors and indoors.
  • They strengthen the senses of your baby like vision and hearing.
  • They can improve your baby’s concentration level.
  • They develop hearing skills when you give them rattles or other toys which make sounds.
  • They develop motor skills like moving hands and fingers, holding the toys, picking them, etc.
  • Babies learn cause and effect when they press the toy and it makes a sound. They learn that by pressing it makes sounds.
  • Toys help in building your baby’s memory.
All babies are different. Some like to play with toys always and some just play with them for 5 to 10 minutes and throw them away. Toys can keep your baby engaged only for some time, not the whole day. And that is also good because your baby needs to understand his surroundings, his family members, the outside environment, and his abilities to crawl and walk and learn every habit.
 According to me, babies don’t need a lot of toys. They are happy exploring themselves and playing with their family members. They love your presence and your attention. So make sure you spend more time with your baby than just giving him toys. They love when you hug them, kiss them, make different sounds, tell a story, make facial expressions, swing them in your arms, or sing a song. We didn’t introduce so many toys for our son. I bought some specific toys for him to make him learn. He spent most of the time with me playing and talking with each other.


If you want your baby to explore more toys available in the market, of course, you can. He will also be excited to see so many colors, sounds, and shapes of toys. But for middle-class people, this doesn’t work out. Take your baby to a park nearby or just go for a walk with your baby. He will be excited to see many people, children, cars, trucks, and lighting on the road.
Now let’s check out those amazing toys for your tiny toddler to enjoy and explore:-

1. Baby Walker.

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  • Are you thinking of buying a normal walker which our parents bought for us when we were young? Then you are wrong. Today walkers are considered unsafe as they delay the walking development of your baby.

Disadvantages of using walkers:-

  1. Walkers are usually round with wheels all around. So when your baby walks in the walker he doesn’t walk straight, instead, he is moving left, right, back, and front following the wheels of the walker.
  2. Babies whose height is short, use their toes to walk when they are in the walker. This is not how babies learn to walk. They should be on their proper feet to learn to walk.
  3. Babies cannot balance their bodies in a walker which is very important to develop walking skills.
  4. Walkers move very quickly and hence babies can fall very easily from stairs, skidding, and hitting other things.
  5. If you already have a walker then make sure that your baby shouldn’t be in the walker for more than 15 minutes. Your baby needs to master other skills like speed crawling, using his hands to sit, standing with support, tummy time, etc to develop walking skills and balance their body.
  • In ancient times, parents didn’t use a walker instead they used a traditional push walker which resembles the below walker.
pregnancy and baby care
  • These types of push toys help your baby to push it forward and move along with it in a forwarding direction hence learning to walk. My baby learned to walk using this toy within just 3 days.
  • To make it more attractive and interesting for your baby nowadays it is made up of plastic and it comes in different colors along with a few activities to do for your baby.
  • This toy includes flipping doors, sliding beads, turning gears, and spinning panels.
  • It has a button in between the sliding beads and turning gears which plays 3 different rhymes for your baby.
  • For the first 2 days ride it along with your baby. Don’t leave her alone with it. Since your baby is trying to balance his body he may fall quickly when he starts to push the walker.
  • After a few days, your baby will learn to balance her posture and will love riding it all around the house.
  • Batteries needed to play rhymes only.
  • My baby is 2 years now and he still rides it happily.


2. Flashing Baby Drum

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  • A wonderful gift for your little one. Babies love banging on things that make sound and they are busy banging the kitchen steel utensils which make large sounds when hit on the floor.
  • This drum is perfect as it makes sounds when your baby hits it with his palms or with any other thing. 
  • It also flashes 5 different colors of lights when your baby bangs on it.
  • It plays 9 different drum sounds and 9 different songs. 
  • It comes with two plastic rods which are used to play the drum. These drumsticks are a bit thin and long so I don’t recommend using those sticks until your baby turns 2 as there is a chance of hurting himself on his eyes and mouth. Hands are enough to play different sounds and songs.
  • Batteries are not included so you have to put 3 batteries in it to make sounds and for playing songs.
  • It has a volume adjustment button with which you can increase or decrease the volume level.
  • It has an ON and OFF button.
  • Just tap the drum to hear numbers from 1 to 5 and colors from blue, red, green, orange, and yellow.

3. Jumping, Barking, and Walking Puppy

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  • A good and loyal companion for your baby. Dogs have always been man’s best friend. Now they can be your baby’s best friend too. Your baby will love him so much that he is always playing with it.
  • It can bark, walk, sit, and jump. It can also flip over. It barks so naturally that your baby will feel a real dog is near him.
  • It is light brown and looks exactly like a real little puppy. 
  • The hair doesn’t come out. Its plastic is made up of BPA-free material. 
  • It needs 2 AA batteries to function which are not included in the toy.
  • There is an adjustment switch near the puppy’s tail which helps the puppy to land properly after jumping and flipping.




4. Soft Balls with Rattle Sound (11 cm)

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  • We, parents, know how our children love playing with balls of any type. A ball is a single object with which we can create new and more interesting games. You can play football, basketball, catch the ball, bounce the ball, or just turn it round and round with your hand or finger. 
  • These softballs are a comfort for your toddler. They are made up of cotton so it doesn’t hurt your baby when you throw it on him. It is super soft.
  • It is stuffed with high-quality PP cotton which lasts for years and gives more puffiness to the ball.
  • You can wash it by hand and place it in the sun to dry.
  • It makes a rattling sound whenever your baby throws it or shakes it with his hands. 
  • Its size is perfect for your little toddler whose hands are still very small.
  • It has different attractive colors on it which helps your baby learn about colors.
  • It is as soft as a small pillow. Trust me your baby will enjoy playing with it.
  • It is super light and small in size. Hence can be carried outside keeping in it your diaper bag.

5. Plastic Bat and Ball

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  • Bat and ball or Cricket in other words have always been toddlers’ favorite games. They love to see the ball going when they hit it with their bat. 
  • Since your kid is small you don’t need to buy a heavy or a real cricket bat and a cricket ball. This plastic bat and ball are perfect for your baby to play with.
  • It is lightweight and your baby can easily hold the bat and kick it.
  • The ball is also very light and covers a long distance when it is kicked.
  • The bat has a Spiderman cartoon which makes it more attractive to play with.
  • You don’t need to invest in costly toys for your baby to keep him engaged. These simple toys are like a dream for your baby. They love running behind the ball and kicking it with a bat or with their legs.
  • You can join your baby and enjoy some time together to develop your baby’s motor skills.
  • I bought this for my baby when he was one year old and he still uses it and loves playing with it.

6. Pack of 50 Balloons

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  • Balloons have always been a part of our life. We use it to create happiness or to celebrate. For every achievement and memory, we decorate our house with balloons. We use them at birthday parties, special events, weddings, proposing love, anniversary, festivals, baby shower, engagements, etc.
  • Balloons are very fascinating and colorful to look at. They just brighten up our minds and heart whenever we see them with their beautiful colors and the way people decorate them.
  • Just like us toddlers and children are also so much interested in them. They love their colors and the way it blows in the air.
  • They love to play with it all the time b kicking it in the air and seeing how they fall slowly again on the floor.
  • Your toddlers will be very excited when you blow the balloon with your mouth in front of them.
  • According to me, it is the cheapest and most interesting toy you can buy for your child.
  • They are travel friendly. You can carry some unblown balloons with you in your bag when you go outside for vacation or to different places where your baby may feel uncomfortable.
  • Whenever your baby feels uncomfortable you can just blow the balloon in front of him and just see how his mood changes within seconds.
  • It’s very helpful to engage your baby during travel on flights, trains, cars, and buses.
  • You can blow them with the mouth, air balloon pump, or helium.
  • They are made up of latex material.









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