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This is the time when your baby needs more toys or things to explore and learn. At this age, your baby can sit straight without support, can crawl, walk a bit and use his hand to hold and shake toys. Their hand-eye coordination is increasing. Their brain development is increasing rapidly.
Everything in your house is new to them. From a tiny spoon to his shoes, caps, diapers, etc. He holds everything in his hands and observes it closely and keeps them in his mouth to feel it. So make sure to buy toys that don’t cause any choking hazards to your baby. Don’t give anything as small as his hand. He may keep it in his mouth and swallow it. Make sure his surroundings are clean and always give toys and things that are soft and a little bit. You can also give colorful BPA-free plastic spoons, bowls, plates, or glasses to play with.
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Advantages Of Introducing Toys To Your Baby:-

  • Toys always keep your baby engaged outdoors and indoors.
  • They strengthen the senses of your baby like vision and hearing.
  • They can improve your baby’s concentration level.
  • They develop hearing skills when you give them rattles or other toys which make sounds.
  • They develop motor skills like moving hands and fingers, holding the toys, or kicking them, etc.
  • Babies learn cause and effect when they press the toy and it makes a sound. They learn that by pressing it makes sounds.
  • Toys help in building your baby’s memory.
All babies are different. Some like to play with toys always and some just play with them for 5 to 10 minutes and throw them away. Toys can keep your baby engaged only for some time, not the whole day. And that is also good because your baby needs to understand his surroundings, his family members, the outside environment, and his abilities to crawl and walk and learn every habit.
 According to me, babies don’t need a lot of toys. They are happy exploring themselves and playing with their family members. They love your presence and your attention. So make sure you spend more time with your baby than just giving him toys. They love when you hug them, kiss them, make different sounds, tell a story, make facial expressions, swing them in your arms, or sing a song. We didn’t introduce so many toys for our son. I bought some specific toys for him to make him learn. He spent most of the time with me playing and talking with each other.


If you want your baby to explore more toys available in the market, of course, you can. He will also be excited to see so many colors, sounds, and shapes of toys. But for middle-class people, this doesn’t work out. Take your baby to a park nearby or just go for a walk with your baby. He will be excited to see many people, children, cars, trucks, and lighting on the road.
Now let’s check out those amazing toys for your tiny toddler to enjoy and explore:-

1. Baby Jumperoo With Music and Lights

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  • This looks great, right? Of course, it’s costly too. But it’s a very interesting game for your baby to be engaged and busy.
  • It is like a tiny forest in which your baby can explore many animals, sounds, music, and lights.
  • It is safe for babies. No way to fall from it or get hurt. 
  • It can rotate 360 degrees when your baby rotates.
  • Make sounds and plays music whenever your baby jumps. This encourages your baby to jump more which is good exercise for your baby’s legs.
  • It keeps the baby busy and engaged. You can do your other work watching him.
  • The seat pad can be washed and dryer in a washing machine.
  • You can unfold it and carry it to another room or outside.
  • Toys are surrounded all over the jumperoo so that the baby can move in 360 degrees and play with each one of them.
  • So if you are a busy parent or have no one there to help you with your work or take care of your child, you must buy this to keep your baby engaged and happy for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Since it is costly, amazon has given you the option of EMI. If you are not able to pay the whole amount at once you can prefer EMI.




2. Colorful Ball Zone with 50 balls.

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  • Every baby loves balls. They love being surrounded by balls because of their colors, shape, and movement. Thatswhy this ball zone is perfect for your baby to be happy and enjoy her playtime.
  • This ball zone can be useful all over the years till your baby becomes a toddler or a child. Children love to play with balls. 
  • It has a basket in which the balls are to be thrown. Babies still don’t understand that but toddlers and children will have fun throwing balls in the basket.
  • It is a must product for all families who have children to engage them in indoor play away from all the electronic devices and computer games.
  • It has an attractive hexagonal shape with a basketball slot.
  • You can unfold it very easily when your baby is not playing with it or if u need some space in your room.
  • It comes with 50 colorful balls.
  • Though the recommended age for this product is 3 years, it is a fun game for a 6 to 9-month-old baby too.
  • Don’t leave your baby in the ball zone alone. You have to be with him always.
  • You can also put some other stuffy toys or your baby’s favorite toys in it and create a dream tent or a small playground for your little one.

3. Baby Waterproof  Play Mat

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  • Your baby is always busy playing with her toys or other things. So he needs a specific area that is clean and safe to play there every day. This playmat is the perfect solution and a tiny playground for your baby to crawl, sit, and play with his toys, and tummy time. 
  • It is waterproof.
  • It is thick and soft for babies and children to play with.
  • It is easily foldable and you can take it outside to a park or picnic.
  • Easy to clean and dry.
  • Best used in winter when the floor becomes cold. There is a chance of your baby catching a cold if you let him play on the floor which is cold.
  • This playmat provides maximum insulation to keep your baby warm.
  • It has two sides. One with colorful characters of the sky, animals, and numbers. The other side has all the alphabets from A to Z with specific images. You can use both sides.
  • Looks very attractive when you place it in your hall or bedroom. Babies easily get attracted to it due to its colorful characters and soft surface.
  • It is not made up of any toxic material. It’s BPA-free material.
  • It is very lightweight and easy to carry outside.
  • When not in use you can fold it and keep it in a corner or your wardrobe. 
  • Its height is 6 feet and its width is 4 feet.

4. Multicolor Junior  Rainbow Rings

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  • It has 9 rainbow colors rings. One small toy on the top and a base with a stand. Every ring size is different.
  • It’s a brain game for your little one as your baby can learn how to place rings in order.
  • It also helps you to learn about colors. How they look and the names of those colors.
  • It is made of BPA-free material without any sharp edges.
  • It inspires creativity and exploration.
  • Play with your baby and help him learn the different sizes and colors of the rings.
  • Make sure you wash your baby’s toys once in a while as your baby keeps them in his mouth.
  • Its cost is also low and is a perfect gift for your baby to enjoy his playtime.


5. Four Colorful Friction Powered Cars

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  • A perfect gift for your 6 to 9-month-old baby. It has four attractive colors green, orange, red, and blue.
  • Its size is medium and a little big for your baby. Its parts don’t cause any choking hazards.
  • They are strong enough to handle hard surfaces or rough places when your baby throws them.
  • It is a push-and-go toy. Once you press and push it backward slightly, it goes forward and covers a long distance.
  • It encourages your baby to crawl or walk with the cars or to get it.
  • It can move forward, backward, left, and right. It can also rotate 360 degrees when you place them right on their back wheels.
  • It is made up of ABS plastic which is baby-friendly and environmentally friendly.
  • Each car has 4 shockproof springs which eliminate the vibration of the uneven road surfaces.
  • It can easily move on sand, beaches, rough surfaces, grass, roads, and even wet surfaces.
  • No batteries are required. It’s a push-and-go toy. It covers long-distance when pushed hard forward.




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