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For the first three months of your baby’s life, your baby is busy sleeping, feeding, and peeing.  He plays a little. You spend so much of your time with your baby taking care of him that he doesn’t need anyone else but your presence. At times when you are not near him, you don’t want him to feel lonely and thatswhy parents introduce interesting toys to their baby at this time so that your baby is busy looking at them and trying to understand them.
For your newborn baby, everything is new around him. From diapers, clothes, and people, to his own hands, legs, and body. He is still trying to explore himself and his environment. He pushes his legs to see what happens. He moves his hands to know what they do. Your baby’s vision, brain, hand-eye coordination, muscle strength, and immunity are still improving. So for the first few days of life, he sees everything in black and white color and easily gets attracted to things that are black, white, or grey. His listening skills are still improving and he may hear your sound and other sounds nearby. Check here to know more about baby milestones:-
It’s good to introduce toys to your baby at an early age. They help in cognitive and physical development. Playtime with your baby is very important for the healthy growth of your baby. You have to take some time out and play with your baby. You can talk to him, sing songs, tell stories and show expressions. This helps in the social and emotional growth of your baby. Enjoy your time with your baby. You will love seeing his smiles, laughs, movements, and giggles.

Advantages Of Introducing Toys To Your Baby:-

  • Toys always keep your baby engaged outdoors and indoors.
  • They strengthen the senses of your baby like vision and hearing.
  • They can improve your baby’s concentration level.
  • They develop hearing skills when you give them rattles or other toys which make sounds.
  • They develop motor skills like moving hands and fingers, holding the toys, or kicking them, etc.
  • Babies learn cause and effect when they press the toy and it makes a sound. They learn that by pressing it makes sounds.
  • Toys help in building your baby’s memory.
All babies are different. Some like to play with toys always and some just play with them for 5 to 10 minutes and throw them away. Toys can keep your baby engaged only for some time, not the whole day. And that is also good because your baby needs to understand his surroundings, his family members, the outside environment, and his abilities to crawl and walk and learn every habit.
 According to me, babies don’t need a lot of toys. They are happy exploring themselves and playing with their family members. They love your presence and your attention. So make sure you spend more time with your baby than just giving him toys. They love when you hug them, kiss them, make different sounds, tell a story, make facial expressions, swing them in your arms, or sing a song. We didn’t introduce so many toys for our son. I bought some specific toys for him to make him learn. He spent most of the time with me playing and talking with each other.


If you want your baby to explore more toys available in the market, of course, you can. He will also be excited to see so many colors, sounds, and shapes of toys. But for middle-class people, this doesn’t work out. Take your baby to a park nearby or just go for a walk with your baby. He will be excited to see many people, children, cars, trucks, and lighting on the road.
Since your baby is too small to play with toys, there are some interesting toys that you can introduce to your baby at this age. Let’s check here:-

1. Musical cot Toy:-

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  • One of the best toys you would give to your newborn. For the initial days of your baby’s life, you want to give him everything special and let him explore his best.
  • This is a great hanging toy for your baby’s cot, bed, cradles, and cribs.
  • It has 4 colorful and cute hanging toys with which your baby can touch and play.
  • These toys rotate in a clockwise direction slowly when you turn on the button located on the front of the butterfly toy above.
  • It also gives soothing music which is very light and helps your baby sleep fast.
  • Color coordination helps to improve your baby’s vision.
  • It can easily be attached to your bed, baby’s cot, cradle, or crib.
  • All these toys are made of BPA-free material. So it’s safe if your baby keeps them in his mouth.

2. Baby Rocker With Adjustable Recline.

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  • If you are not able to hold your baby in your arms all the time or if you are busy working in the kitchen or on your laptop then this is the best toy to keep your baby engaged near you.
  • If you are working in the kitchen you can keep your baby on this and let him enjoy it with you nearby in the kitchen. Babies love seeing you cut vegetables, make Rotis, etc. They are observing what you do.
  • This rocker is slightly slanted for your baby to sit comfortably. As your baby’s back is yet not straight he will not be able to sit properly. At this time these rockers are great for your baby to relax a bit.
  • It comes with a rod of hanging toys with which your baby can play.
  • You can even swaddle your baby on this.
  • It can be useful for up to 3 years of age.
  • The maximum weight it carries is 18kg.
  • It is foldable and can be taken outside for parks and picnics.
  • It gives calming vibrations which soothe your baby and helps in fast asleep.
  • It has a belt for your baby’s safety. So that your baby may not fall from the rocker.
  • You can adjust the rocker accordingly. When your baby Is sleeping you can recline it down straight for your baby to sleep.
  • When your baby is playing you can raise it slightly up.
  • You can even use this rocker for feeding your baby solids when he is 5 to 6 months old.


3. Star Projector For Babies At Night.


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  • This is just wonderful and according to me, every baby has the right to experience such a dream projector.
  • It projects slowly rotating cute cartoon characters on the ceiling of your baby’s room. Isn’t this just amazing?
  • It also plays soothing music for your baby to fall asleep.
  • There is a button on the backside of the project to switch it on and off.
  • It has a 5 min and a 10 min program, and off buttons on the side of the projector. After 5 min or 10 min, it turns off automatically.
  • It has a lullaby button that has different tunes. For changing tunes, we have to press this button.
  • You will need a 4AA battery to run this projector.
  • It comes with a strap that can be used to fix it to your baby’s cot, cradle, bed, or crib.
  • Make sure that you or your baby don’t keep your directly on the projector lens when it is turned on. This can harm your eyesight.

4. Rattles

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  • Rattles have always been babies’ favorite toys because of the sound it makes when it shakes.
  • These toys have been used for ages for babies and infants to soothe them.
  • All these rattles are made from safe plastic so that it is not harmful when your baby chews it or puts it in his mouth.
  • It helps in baby recognition ability due to its bright colors, different shapes, and size.
  • It helps in improving your baby’s vision because of its bright colors.
  • It’s neither too big nor too small.
  • Doesn’t cause any choking hazards.
  • Your baby can hold it and shake it.
  • It contains a total of 5 rattles and has an affordable price.
  • This can be helpful for babies above 3 months too.
  • They are light and made of strong plastic. So they won’t break easily even if your child throws them on the floor.
  • Improves your baby’s hand-eye coordination.
  • It is travel friendly too.








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