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For the first 2 months, your baby will always be sleeping, eating, and peeing. She is not very much interested to know about her environment. Because many changes are going on in your baby’s body to adjust to the entire environment. Your presence is enough for them. They love to see you in front of them always. When your baby reaches 3 months of age you may have noticed that she is awake throughout the night or in the daytime for 3 to 4 hours playing with her own hands and legs. They start looking around and trying to reach things. Check here to know more about baby milestones:-
At this time, many parents want to introduce some new and interesting baby toys which their baby can enjoy. Because we all know how babies and children love playing with toys. They just enjoy seeing its bright colors and try to hold them. Introducing toys at an early age strengthens a baby’s senses, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills.  When we were small we didn’t have enough baby toys which are safe to use but now due to the increase in technology and the safety of babies, special toys are created with BPA-free plastic materials.



Advantages Of Introducing Toys To Your Baby:-

  • Toys always keep your baby engaged outdoors and indoors.
  • They strengthen the senses of your baby like vision and hearing. 
  • They can improve your baby’s concentration level.
  • They develop hearing skills when you give them rattles or other toys which make sounds.
  • They develop motor skills like moving hands and fingers, holding the toys, or kicking them, etc.
  • Babies learn cause and effect when they press the toy and it makes a sound. They learn that pressing it makes sounds.
  • Toys help in building your baby’s memory.


All babies are different. Some like to play with toys always and some just play with them for 5 to 10 minutes and throw them away. Toys can keep your baby engaged only for some time, not the whole day. And that is also good because your baby needs to understand his surroundings, his family members, the outside environment, and his abilities to crawl and walk and learn every habit.
 According to me, babies don’t need a lot of toys. They are happy exploring themselves and playing with their family members. They love your presence and your attention. So make sure you spend more time with your baby than just giving him toys. They love when you hug them, kiss them, make different sounds, tell a story, make facial expressions, swing them in your arms, or sing a song. We didn’t introduce so many toys for our son. I bought some specific toys for him to make him learn. He spent most of the time with me playing and talking with each other.


If you want your baby to explore more toys available in the market, of course, you can. He will also be excited to see so many colors, sounds, and shapes of toys. But for middle-class people, this doesn’t work out. Take your baby to a park nearby or just go for a walk with your baby. He will be excited to see many people, children, cars, trucks, and lighting on the road.


I introduced toys to my baby when he was just 3 months old. Make sure that the toys are BPA-free and have soft edges. Because babies feel things by keeping them in their mouths Let’s see what toys are best for 3 to 6 months old baby.

1. BPA-free Colorful Toys. 9 Rattle Toys and 3 Teethers. Pack of 12




pregnancy and baby care
  1. They all are BPA-free.
  2. It is made up of ABS plastic which is non-toxic and eco-friendly.
  3. Due to its bright and colorful colors, it strengthens your vision.
  4. Improves hand-eye coordination and motor skills.
  5. They all make soothing sounds that help in calming your baby when he cries a lot.
  6. They are travel friendly. You can take them with you in your diaper bag or handbag wherever you go to distract your baby if he feels uncomfortable.
  7. They have 3 teether toys in them which can be very useful when your baby starts teething at the age of 4 to 5 months. Teething can be painful in babies and thatswhy they keep on chewing on something to get some relief. Teething toys can help them chew it without causing any harm as these toys are BPA-free.
  8. Their size is neither too big nor too small to cause a choking hazard. Your baby can easily hold it with his hand and shake it.

2.  Lights and Music Baby Play Gym Along With A Mat.


pregnancy and baby care




This is one of the best gifts you would give your baby. It is so colorful and so interesting to play that your baby will spend most of the time lying there.


  1. It is a type of baby exercise where your baby stretches her legs to press the piano and stretches out her hands to hold the toys hanging above. Babies can roll over the mat and enjoy the cartoons on the mat.
  2. It contains a very soft and colorful play mat for your baby to lie on and play with. The mat has interesting cartoon characters with bright colors which engage your baby and also improve your baby’s vision.
  3. The hanger contains 4 hanging beautiful toys and a mirror in between for your baby to explore himself and you know babies love to see other babies in the mirror. The 4 toys are a cute white panda, a yellow tiger, a blue monkey, and a pink bear.
  4. This gym also contains a piano that makes beautiful sounds when your baby pushes it with his legs.
  5. The playmat is washable and foldable.
  6. It is travel-friendly as you can fold it and take it anywhere you want for your baby to enjoy.


3. The Dancing Duck With Flashing Lights

pregnancy and baby care



  1. Best toy to keep your baby busy.
  2. It can dance and move around with music and lights flashing,
  3. The lights are very bright so I suggest the room shouldn’t be too dark when you switch on this toy as it can affect your baby’s eyes.
  4. Batteries are not included. You have to insert 3 AAA batteries into it.
  5. It moves from the left to right direction and if something comes in between it will move away on its own from there.
  6. Your baby won’t stop playing with it.
  7.  It is affordable too.
  8. It has a bright yellow color and an orange color.

4.  Bouncing Ball Set of 2

pregnancy and baby care



  1. Every baby loves to play with balls as they move around, jump, and have very attractive colors.
  2. This ball makes a pop sound when it hits the floor.
  3. A good exercise for your baby to move around playing with it.
  4. Your baby can hold this ball with two hands.
  5. Elders can hold it with their palms.
  6. It’s neither too small nor too big.
  7. It doesn’t cause any choking hazards 
  8. It bounces high.
  9. It is made up of rubber and is not good for the baby to keep in his mouth.
  10. Let your baby see and enjoy.


5. Unicorn Soft Toys (38 cm)

pregnancy and baby care



  1. I bought this for my baby and he loved it so much.
  2. It’s too soft that babies just want to hold and sleep with it.
  3. It is washable.
  4. Threads don’t come out.
  5. It is big enough that your baby will feel that he has someone to play with and sleep with.
  6. Your baby will no longer feel lonely with this toy.




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