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 Safety Measures And Precautions

Traveling with a toddler can be both very exciting and stressful. Your baby is not going to sit in one place if he is more than one year old. He just wants to roam around in-flight, train, and bus. He is very excited to explore and see many people and kids around him. As a parent, you have to keep an eye on your baby always and make sure he is safe. Pre-plan your vacation and traveling and also plan how each day is going to be during your holiday so that it will be easy for you to pack your things accordingly. Make sure you have all the medical facilities available in the places where you’re going. Check the weather forecast of those places and pack your baby products.
Toddlers will be very excited and thrilled when you take them outside to a new place or just outside on the road for a walk. They love to see all those cars, people, birds, and animals around them. It also freshens up their mind and body. It’s very important to take your baby out twice a day for a walk or in a park and outside to a mall or different places once a week. Let them explore the world.f You can show and teach them many new things and increase their knowledge and level of understanding. But be careful every time you take your baby outside. Always hold his hand as toddlers want to run away from you to see things outside.


After 6 months of age, your baby will start eating solids so make sure you pack your baby’s food too in your handbag or diaper bag. After 6 months of age, you can make homemade baby porridge powders which can be kept in air-tight container boxes for 1 to 2 weeks, and you can make your baby food with it in just 5 minutes. You just need to add warm water or milk to the powder to make a puree. Let’s see what baby foods you can take during your journey:-
  • Roasted Poha powder.
  • Roasted Oats powder.
  • Roasted Ragi powder.
  • Roasted Rice Powder.
  • Roasted Dal powder.
  • Cerelac.
  • Corn flakes.
  • Banana.
  • Curd.
  • Biscuits.
  • Dark Choclates.
  • Whole milk after one year of age.
  • Water bottle after 6 months of age.


Packing your Toddler bag:-

When it comes to packing your baby’s stuff we parents get so much worried and try to put everything in the bag which can make your luggage heavier. And it will also be stressful to handle both the luggage and the baby. So make it simple and lightweight. Use luggage bags with wheels for comfort. Always pack your baby’s items in a completely different bag so that it will be easy to take out things whenever you want. Don’t mix your clothes with your baby’s clothes or your lotions and creams with your baby’s products. There should be three bags for your baby. One is the Baby carrier in which you can carry your baby on your chest without holding him in your hands. The second is the diaper bag which you can put on your shoulders for immediate use. The third is the luggage bag in which you can pack all the baby products necessary for the vacation.


What should we pack in the diaper bag of a toddler:-
  • 2 to 3 diapers.
  • One packet of Wet wipes.
  • Babyface towel.
  • Handkerchiefs.
  • Feeding bottles.
  • Formula powder.
  • Flask for storing warm water.
  • 2 to 3 Baby Toys.
  • Baby blanket.
  • Baby socks and head cap.
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Baby feeding napkins.
  • 2 pairs of clothes.
  • A water bottle and some snacks for you and your baby.
  • If you are breastfeeding then you might need a nursing blanket too.
  • Some basic baby medicines like saline drops, baby Vicks, thermometer, vitamin D drops, and paracetamol drops that your doctor suggested.
  • Moisturizer cream and baby diaper rash cream.
  • Diaper disposable bags.
  • Diaper changing pad.
  • Tissues.
  • Sunscreen lotions if you’re going to a beach or if the weather is very hot outside.


What should we pack in the luggage bag of a toddler:-
  • Clothes according to how many days you are going to stay outside. Always pack extra clothes though you’re going on vacation only for one week.
  • More extra diapers.
  • Pack of wet wipes.
  • Tissues.
  • Face and bath towels.
  • Extra socks and head caps.
  • Baby soap and shampoo.
  • Baby massage oil and hair oil.
  • Some baby toys.
  • A medical kit that contains your baby’s medicines and other things like a baby nail cutter, cotton, thermometer, earbuds, etc.
  • Bottle washing liquid and brush.
  • Baby cloth washing detergent.
  • Birth certificate and your baby vaccine file.
  • Baby carrier bag.
  • Check the weather forecast of the place where you’re going and pack accordingly.
  • Baby sweaters if the weather is cold.
  • Moisturizer cream and baby diaper rash cream.
  • Diaper disposable bags.
  • Sunscreen lotions if you’re going to a beach or if the weather is very hot outside.
  • Mosquito net or mosquito protection cream.


Traveling By Car:-

If you are traveling in a car for long hours with your toddler then you have to note down a few things. You will need some extra space in your car for your baby to lie down on the seat for sleeping, changing diapers, for you to breastfeed easily, take out things from your diaper bag very easily, and of course for your baby to play freely with his toys in the car as it is going to be a long journey. You will need the whole back seat to do all these things. Babies need some fresh air so open your windows in between the journey or turn on the AC if your baby is feeling hot or sweating a lot. Some Babies may feel uncomfortable when you lay them in the car seat. They always want to be in your lap so you have to sleep with them in your lap. Either you can sleep straight on the back seat of the car with your baby on your chest or just push your car seat completely backward and sleep with him on your chest.  Try to engage him in the journey with his toys ad storybooks. You can also stop in between and take a small break and walk around outside. Your baby will also feel fresh again.


Traveling by Flight:-

To travel on a flight you might need your baby’s passport and birth certificate. Check with your airlines if they give the full tickets or half tickets for your toddler. It’s always better to book an extra seat for your toddler. Take advice from your doctor about what precautions and safety measures you can take for your baby during your flight journey. To reduce the sound of the flight during take-off and landing you have to feed the baby. You can either breastfeed, formula feed, or give water. Sucking milk or water can lower the pressure on their ears. Try to travel on a nonstop flight. Never travel alone. Take help from people around you. It’s better to take a window seat when you are flying with the baby so that you can comfort him by showing him the window and you can turn towards the window and breastfeed. You can also buy a car seat and take it with you on a flight if your baby is not comfortable sitting in the normal passenger seat. You can take baby food and some fruits in your hand luggage but it’s still better to ask your airlines what foods they allow for babies and children on their flight. Make sure you carry some of your baby’s favorite toys to engage him throughout your journey. The flight attendants are so kind and hospitable that they will try their best to calm your baby or make your baby feel happy by giving them toys and chocolates and playing with them.




Traveling By Train:-

A train journey can be comfortable if you book your train tickets before. It’s better to book a sleeper class when you are traveling with babies. In sleeper class, you can lie straight on the seat with your baby and sleep. You can breastfeed too while sleeping in that position. Close your baby’s ears whenever there is a loud sound like when another train is passing by. Carry a baby blanket and a sweater for your baby when you’re traveling at night time. Also, carry a nursing cover to breastfeed your baby on the train. If you are feeding formula then make sure you carry the feeding bottles, formula powder, and a flask with warm water for easy and quick preparation of the formula milk. You can give cow milk when your baby is above one year of age. You may need the whole seat for your baby to sleep, play, eat, and relax. Carry some of your baby’s favorite toys to comfort him in the new environment. Always keep an eye on your baby because in trains the doors are always open and toddlers just like running around and playing near the doors and seats. So never let them go near the open doors. There are chances they may fall outside. If your baby is just 6 to 7 months old you can also carry your baby feeding chair on the train to feed solids to your baby comfortably. Always keep some extra snacks and water bottles for your toddler. During the journey, toddlers are not very much interested in eating heavy meals. They just go on with snacks and fruits. If they are feeling very hungry then they will have their breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Important Tips:-

  • Breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby whenever he demands it.
  • Give cow milk after one year of age if your baby resists food during the journey.
  • While breastfeeding you can use a nursing blanket or a nursing pillow.
  • Keep your baby away from crowds and open the doors of trains.
  • Take a lightweight and foldable stroller and feeding chair if you want.
  • You and your baby should wear comfortable clothes without any bangles, gold items, clothes with stones, and head scarfs with so many pins.
  • Use the baby carrier bag whenever you go outside with your baby so that it will be comfortable for both you and your baby.
  • Carry extra napkins and wet wipes to wipe out any dirt while sitting on a train seat, car seat, bus seat, flight seat, or when your baby messes with food or drinks.
  • Always carry your baby’s favorite toys and storybooks to keep him busy.


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