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 All The Things You Need For Feeding

Feeding is of course the most exciting time for you and your baby. Your baby is going to make a mess around and play with the food. And you as a parent are always worried about baby food. What to feed?, How to feed?, Which baby food is good?, and how much quantity will your baby have?. 
Introducing your baby to different types of food with different colours, smell, texture, is going to ve a lot of fun. Your baby is excited every time you give a new food to him. He will stare at it for sometime, then touch and feel it with his tiny fingers, and finally keep it in his mouth to taste it. You are going to enjoy his meal times. 
Your baby’s first solid food is going to be a memory for you. You will remember it lifelong. You will remember how he made different faces when you introduced the first solid food to him. Many babies resist food but later they will learn to eat. My baby didn’t resist his first solid food. He ate 2 to 3 spoons of rice cerelac when I started introducing him to solids.  
You can check out my food charts here to know better what to feed and how much to feed:-
Food is the most essential part of life with which we cannot live. Babies start to have their first solid foods at the age of 6 months. They are going to get so many vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and many more from food, so it’s very necessary to introduce the right type of food to your baby in the right quantity.  You’re going to need a lot of things for your baby when you plan to start solid food for your baby to make the whole meal process exciting. Let see here:-
1. Baby Rice Cerelac

  • This is the first solid that I started introducing when my baby turned 6 months old. You can also start by giving fruit purees and other foods at this age but I started with rice cerelac. I used this only for one month and later started giving rice dal porridge. 
  • Cerelac is a good source of nutrients and minerals needed for your baby. It is very rich in iron and provides 75% of your baby’s daily need of iron in just 2 serves. 
  • It’s good to start your baby to introduce rice or fruits as their first solid foods. Some parents also introduce wheat cerelac. This is also good but some baby’s digestive system is very weak that they will not be able to digest wheat initially and they get loose motions whenever they eat it.
  • Cerelac is very easy to make and has to be given 2 times a day. 
  • All the instructions on how to make it is already given on the back of the box. 
  • To prepare this cereal take 75 ml of drinking water and boil it for 5 minutes.
  • When the water is lukewarm add 3 tablespoons of cerelac powder to it and mix it without any lumps and feed immediately. You should feed it within 20 minutes or half an hour. 
  • Make sure you wash your hands and the baby utensils properly before and after every use.
  • You can also start giving few sips of drinking water to your baby from 6 months onwards since he started solids.
  • There are many others flavors of cerelac available from 6 to 18-month-old babies. 
  • For a 6 to 7 month-old baby, flavors like wheat, rice, wheat apple, and wheat apple carrot are available.
  • For 8 to 12-month-old baby, flavors like rice vegetables, ragi apple, wheat orange, kichdi with vegetables and ghee, and wheat apple cheery are available.
  • For a 10 to 12 month old baby, flavours like wheat honey dates, wheat-rice mixed veg, and wheat- rice mixed fruits are available. 
  • For a 12 to 24 month old baby, flavours like Multigrain dal veg and multigrain and fruits are available. 
  • For a 18 to 24 month old baby, flavours like 5 grains & fruits and 5 grains & vegetables are available. 
  • Babies love cerelac so much that they don’t eat other foods, that’s why it’s good to avoid it or use it only 2 times a week or once a week. You can keep it as an extra option when your baby resists to eat other foods. At that time you can quickly make cerelac and feed your baby. 
2. Baby Feeding Chair.

  • A feeding chair is very important for your baby when you start introducing solids. Traditionally people used to feed their babies by laying them on their legs in a sleeping position. This can cause choking and it is not at all a good habit. 
  • You can either buy a feeding chair or you can feed your baby by making him sit straight on his back with the support of pillows. According to me, a feeding chair is the best option as your baby will get both back and front support and there are less chances of falling from the chair. 
  • This feeding chair is the best for your 6-month-old baby. It has many features in it. It is foldable and you can carry it outside only with one hand. It is super lightweight and travel-friendly.
  • It has three adjustable trays so that you can adjust the feeding tray according to your baby size.
  • It has 2 buttons on the sides of the chair handles. When you press these buttons you can fold your chair. It is made up of super-strong material and doesn’t break or get scratches. 
  • The dining tray can be removed and cleaned very easily. It’s worth buying every penny.
  • I have used this chair for more than one year. It is still new but I stopped using it now because my baby is 2 years old now and he loves to eat food playing and running around. 
  • It is suitable for kids from 6 to 36 months old. 
  • It also has belts and straps to protect your baby from falling off the chair. 
  • You can also adjust the height of the chair by adjusting the chair stand.   
  • It also has a long strap with which you can carry the chair outside by placing the strap on your shoulder. 
3. Baby Silicon Waterproof Bibs

  • This is also very necessary while feeding solids to your baby because your baby is going to make a mess out of food and when you start giving him finger foods the food is going to be all around him. These bibs come with a special feature. It has an extra pouch-like structure on the front where the food that comes out from your baby’s mouth will accumulate or drop there. You can easily dispose it off without your baby throwing food all over the floor. 
  • It reduces your stress and work. According to me, it’s a must-buy product for your baby because babies are going to throw food and even when you feed him with a spoon it’s going to fall off on your baby’s clothes, chair, table, clothes, etc. 
  • It is made up of silicon and hence it’s very easy to clean. If you think it is too big for your little baby neck you can buy cotton bibs but those are going to become dirty within few days of use and you have to buy them again and again. And cotton bibs absorb fluids and drool which can cause infections in your baby. 
  • These silicone bibs are long-lasting. They are waterproof, BPA free and stain-free. 
  • They are stretchable and very lightweight. 
  • They have buttons to adjust the bib according to your baby’s neck size. 
  • It is suitable for babies from 6 months to 5 years of age. 
  • It is available in many colors.
4. Baby feeding plates.

  • Let’s make your baby’s mealtime colorful and attractive. These plates are going to make your baby have his meal with his own hands. Your baby will be very interested in having food on these types of plates. Colors and cartoons attract babies a lot, thatswhy they make mealtimes fun for your baby and let him enjoy his food. 
  • This pack comes with 3 different colored apple-shaped plates. They have three portions where you can put a variety of food in it like fruits, salads, rice, nuts, etc. 
  • Let your baby have different kinds of food at mealtimes. Just focussing only on one food is going to irritate your baby. Put some chopped fruits and veggies on the plate and let your baby touch, smell, and eat it on his own. 
  • They are made up of BPA-free material and is dishwasher safe. 
  • They have soft edges and their size is big enough for your babys little hands.
  • It’s mainly suitable for toddlers to have different types of snacks in it. 
5. Baby Feeding spoons

  • Feeding spoons are also an essential part of every meal. Small babies need them all the time when they start their solid foods as all the foods will be in pureed form.
  • It’s important to choose the right type of spoons for your baby which doesn’t have any sharp edges or which can hurt your baby’s mouth.
  • These spoons are made up of silicon material and they are too soft. They won’t hurt your baby teeth or gums. 
  • This pack includes 6 colorful feeding spoons which are BPA-free.
  • They are dishwasher safe and have a good grip to hold on.
  • You can use it to feed purees, snacks, mashed food, rice, etc. 
  • At first, babies are going to chew the spoons so make sure you use soft silicon spoons instead of silver spoons. 
  • It has a long handle that can go inside deep jars and bowls. 

6. Baby Feeding Bowl With Spoon

  • This is perfect for traveling. It is an air-tight box.
  • It comes with a feeding spoon.
  • It is made up of BPA-free material.
  • It is microwave safe and you can heat the contents in the box whenever you want.
  • There is a lined compartment in the box where you can easily mash the food before feeding it to your baby.
  • There are many colors available.
  • The box has a spoon compartment where you can place the spoon.
  • It keeps your baby food clean and safe from bacterial, insects, germs, and humidity with its air tight feature. 

7. Baby Feeding Napkins.

  • You are going to need these baby napkins every time when you feed your baby. Because babies are going to mess up food so you will need either napkins, tissues, or wet wipes to wipe their mouth. 
  • You can use it to wipe up drool, food, or your baby’s face and body.
  • They are made up of 100% cotton material.
  • You can wash it in the machine.
  • It comes in different colorful colors with cartoons printed on it.
  • This pack contains 7 pieces of napkins.
  • Its size is small but perfect for your baby. 
8. Thermoflask

  • This is going to be very useful for every mother if she is formula feeding her baby.
  • When you formula feed your baby you will need warm water to make formula milk. At home, you can do it very easily by putting some water on a gas stove or by using a steamer or an electric kettle. 
  • But when you are outside or on a journey you cant carry a steamer and you will not get warm water very easily. 
  • If you put hot or cold water in the flask it can stay hot or cold for 24 hours. 
  • This is very useful when you travel by train, flight, car, picnics, etc. 
  • It is made up of stainless steel material. 
  • It can hold up to 500 ml of water.
  • It is fabricated inside and outside with 18/8 quality stainless steel which is tough and durable.
  • You can wash it with mild soap.
  • It’s recommended to keep the flask open when not in use to avoid smell that comes when it’s is closed. 
  • It comes with its own flask bag which has a long strap to make it easier for you to take it outside. 
  • The unique feature of this flask is that it has a flip-top lid that prevents leakage. It will be easy for you to drink through this flip lid. 
  • Other flasks don’t have this type of feature. To drink water in those flasks you have to pour water in a cup or a glass and drink as they don’t have a flip lid. 
  • You can also use the cap of this flask as a cup to drink water or any other beverages. 
  • You can use this flask for tea, coffee, water, and fresh juices. Avoid carbonated drinks in it. 
  • Wash the flask before use with warm water for best results. 
  • It is available in different quantities like 300ml, 500ml, 750ml, and 1000ml. 

9. Bottle Cleaning Brushes

  • This pack contains 7 cleaning brushes which are very helpful for every mother to clean baby feeding bottles, drinking bottles, and deep bowls. 
  • These brushes work on all regular size bottles, nipples, small bottles, pump parts, etc.
  • The middle long brush can be used to clean inside feeding bottles. You can rotate the brush and clean it inside the bottle. It can clean very effectively. 
  • Keeping your baby’s water bottles and feeding bottles is very necessary. you have to clean them regularly to maintain proper hygiene and good health of your baby. 
  • These brushes are used to clean nipples, small parts, nipple points, inside bottles, and every corner of the bottle. 
  • The sponge brushes clean the entire internal surface of bottles including hard-to-reach corners and bottoms. 
  • The two long nipple brushes can get into the tight areas and clean all the bacterial out of the nipple point. 
  • The tong can be used to hold a bottle or take it out from hot water when you sterilize them. 

10. Baby Cleaning Solution

  • Since baby’s products have to be washed separately with mild detergent, this mee mee cleanser is perfect to wash all your baby products.
  • You can wash feeding bottles, baby toys, fruits, vegetables, feeding accessories, etc.
  • Just add one spoon of cleaner liquid to a bowl and add one litre of water to it and use it to wash all the baby products.
  • It is made as per international standards of safety and hygiene.
  • It removes residue and odor that comes from formula milk, breastmilk, juices, etc.
  • It is environmentally friendly and bio-degradable. 
  • It is anti-bacterial and baby-friendly. 
  • I used this to clean my baby feeding bottles and cups. 

11. Baby bottle Drying Racks.

  • This is going to be very useful to you to dry all the feeding bottles after washing. 
  • Its size is perfect to hold feeding bottles and nipples. 
  • It can be easily foldable and travel-friendly.
  • The long handles can be used to dry the feeding bottle and the small handles can be used to dry nipples and caps. 
  • It is available in three different colors blue, green, dark pink. 
  • You can also use this to dry glasses and coffee cups too. 
12. Sippy Cup

  • After 6 months of age, Your baby will start having solid food. So he may also drink few sips of water. Thatswhy you can buy this sippy cup for your baby to drink water sip by sip without gulping the whole bottle.
  • Its nipple is made up of soft silicon and the water will come out sip by sip.
  • It can hold up to 200 ml of water.
  • It has two side handles for easy grip so that your baby can drink water by himself.
  • Green and blue colors are available.
  • It is made up of BPA-free material and is baby-friendly.
  • It can be washed very easily and is travel friendly.
  • Don’t use extremely hot water while sterilizing it. Warm water is enough to make it clean.
  • You have to wash it regularly or it may develop bacteria inside the silicon spout and the cup.
  • If you’re using it regularly, change the silicon spout after every 6 months. 

13. Baby Feeding Bottles

  • Feeding bottles are every necessary for every baby. Though you’re breastfeeding your baby you might need it to store breastmilk and feed your baby when you go out.
  • It’s very important to choose the right type of feeding bottle for your baby.
  • These bottles are big enough and can hold milk up to 250ml.
  • There are measurements given on the bottle to know how much milk your baby is drinking every time.
  • They can be sterilized in water for cleaning.
  • Its nipples are soft and strong.
  • They have beautiful cartoon characters on them.
  • Their caps are air-tight and prevent leakage of milk. 
  • Whenever you feed milk to your baby outside cover the bottle with a cloth. 
  • It has a spiral grooved nipple for a comfortable latch.
  • It is made up of BPA-free material.
  • Remember to change the nipple according to your baby’s age.
  • There are different nipples available for 0month+, 3 month +, 6 month+, and 9 month + babies.

14. Baby food steamer and Blender

  • It helps moms with steam heating, stirring, and constant temperature preservation. It is suitable for all fruits, vegetables, and meats. It can also heat milk, keep warm, and even self-sterilize.
  • Its function is to steam, blend, reheat, and defrost healthy homemade baby food in just 15 minutes
  • It’s easy to cook and store food in a sterilized jar.
  •  Prep blade-makes it fast and easy to quickly chop/puree everything from fruit to nuts to veggies with the press of a button.
  •  It includes a Steaming basket, measuring cup, mixing lid, spatula, recipe booklet, warranty card, user manual.
  • You can make all the baby purees in it. No need to separately steam the fruits and vegetables and grind them in a grinder. 
  • It is made up of high-quality material which is baby-friendly,.
  • Free from lead, BPA, phthalate. 
  • You can adjust the timer. It will turn off automatically once the food is done. 
  • Steaming the food is necessary to kill all the germs and bacteria in the food and also to make it soft for your baby to eat it. 

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