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1. My 5-month-old baby fell from the bed. What to do?

It is quite normal for a baby to fall from a bed, chair, sofa, and cradle at this age. When they fall we as parents get heart-attack and worry so much and also cry so much. But according to me, I think God protects them and that is why nothing happens though they fall from the bed. They may get a light brown patch on their forehead if they fall directly on their forehead.

They may cry a lot after falling. Probably half an hour or 15 minutes due to the pain and the sudden change. After crying they will fall asleep for at least 2 to 3 hours because they need some rest now to be normal again. After sleeping check their head for any injury or bleeding. After waking up they will be normal again. Some babies whose immune system is very weak may feel dizzy and avoid feedings. This is the time of concern and you should immediately take him to the doctor.  If the baby is severely injured he may be bleeding, vomiting, and feeling unconscious. Call the emergency room immediately.


 Because at this age babies develop their motor skills and try to move from the stomach to back and from back to stomach. They may even try to move forward and backward on their stomach. They are very curious to know their skills and they don’t know what’s dangerous and what’s not. Thatswhy it is very important to let your baby play on a mat on the floor to avoid falls when you are busy doing your work.

The elders at your home or your partner will make you feel guilty about this accident but you shouldn’t worry and don’t bother with their words. Taking care of a baby is not an easy task and accidents will happen so stay calm and just take care of your baby leaving all the other things. Mother has so many responsibilities to look after. They have to take care of their home, in-laws, husband, children, work, etc. That is why if you have your parents or in-laws at your home tell them to keep an eye on the baby when you are busy with your work.

2. My 5-month-old baby swallowed pomegranate seeds

Promogrenatate seeds can cause choking in babies. Babies at this age shouldn’t be given any whole foods like grapes, watermelon pieces, small pieces of fruit, etc. Because they just started having solids and the food given to them in a puree form. If your baby swallowed pomegranate seeds then it’s not a cause of concern. It will either try to digest in their stomach or come out in the baby’s stool.  If the seeds don’t go straight into their stomach or if it is still in their mouth or the esophagus tube they may start coughing continuously. A normal cough will not be a serious problem but continuous coughing can be very dangerous. So rush to the hospital if your baby is coughing continuously or not able to breathe properly.

3. My baby is crying often and getting irritated.

This can be due to many reasons:-

  • ill or not feeling well.
  • tight-fitting clothes.
  • hungry.
  • feeling either too hot or too cold.
  • loud sounds.
  • applying cold or hot water to the baby’s skin.
  • feeling uncomfortable.
  • feeling sleepy.
  • pooped in a diaper.
  • passed urine in cloth diapers.
  • mosquito or insect bite.
  • teething.
  • growth spurts.
  • bad dreams.
4. How to shave a Newborn baby’s head for the first time?
Some shave their baby’s head before they turn one month old. And some shave after a few months. It’s better to let professionals do it for your baby but if you don’t find any professionals then you can do it yourself. But while shaving make sure you don’t use shaving blades as it may hurt your baby’s scalp. Instead, you can use a soft trimmer that doesn’t have much sound or hurt your baby’s delicate scalp. If you are using a blae then you shave to be very very careful.
First, apply some warm water to your baby’s hair and gently trim them moving your hand very slowly. The best time to trim is when your baby is asleep. Just 20 minutes after your baby sleeps you can start shaving as your baby will be in deep sleep and he may not know what’s happening to him. After trimming gently clean the head with a warm wet cloth to remove all the hair on the head, ears, and shoulders. You can bathe your baby after he wakes up.
For our toddler, we didn’t use a trimmer while he was asleep because the trimmer makes sounds that can disturb our baby’s sleep instead we use to remove his long hair with a trimmer when he was awake by distracting him with cartoons and then use a blade when he sleeps.

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