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1. Can I move 20-liter water can from one place to another during pregnancy?
The Answer Is NO. Because a 20-liter water bottle is 15 kg and lifting it or turning it can put pressure on your pelvis or abdomen and doing this regularly can lead to miscarriage. Always remember that in pregnancy you shouldn’t carry any weight which is more than 10 kgs. When you are lifting some weight don’t lift it directly from the floor. Bend your needs, bring the object close to you by your hands, and slowly get up. Don’t twist or turn when you are lifting heavy objects. Any pain in the abdomen or light spot of blood is a sign that you have put more pressure on your back, pelvis, and abdomen by lifting something heavy. This pain will slowly go away once you take a rest and don’t repeat the same in the future. If you have someone at home take their help. If no one is there then wait till your partner comes home to help you.

2. Can I carry my toddler or child during pregnancy?
Yes, you can carry your toddler but not for a long period. Always try to avoid it. But if you have no other choice then don’t lift the child directly from the floor. Bend your knees, lift him into your arms, and slowly get up. If you have any pregnancy complications then you shouldn’t carry any heavy weight and your doctor will tell you what restrictions will be there for women with pregnancy complications like short cervix, preterm labor, bleeding, early contractions, other diseases, etc.
3. How much weight can I lift during pregnancy?
In the first trimester don’t lift anything more than  3 to 4 kgs. In the second trimester, you can lift some weight to 6 to 8 kgs. In the third trimester, you can lift to 10 to 13 kgs.



4. I had period-like pain in my 8th month of pregnancy. What to do?
This is normal and you shouldn’t worry about it at all. This sometimes happens due to changes in the body. It will go away on its own after a few minutes. Just drink plenty of fluids and always keep your body well-hydrated.

5. I have a white discharge during pregnancy. What to do?
This is quite normal in every pregnant woman. This is one of the early signs of pregnancy. This is caused due to the higher levels of estrogen in your body. If the discharge is green, red, or smelly, causes pain or itching, then it is a matter of concern and is a sign of infection. You have to go to your doctor immediately. The white discharge can be more when you are near to labor but that doesn’t mean you’re going into labor. You can wear a pad if you have excess discharge. If you have any other symptoms like abdominal pain, pain while pain, Itching, etc then it is a sign of a urinary tract infection. Go to the door and get treatment.
6. I didn’t know I was pregnant and I was climbing stairs every day. 
Yes, this happens to many women. Because pregnancy is a surprise and sometimes it happens though we use protection. Some women don’t even know that they are pregnant till their first trimester. And they do all the household work, lift heavy objects, eat everything, etc. It’s not recommended to climb more stairs in the first trimester. You can climb only up to the first floor which consists of 10 to 20 stairs. If you have to climb then you have to climb it very slowly with some support. Healthy women will not have any problems but women with pregnancy complications may have a miscarriage if they climb more stairs without knowing that they are pregnant.
7. Light abdominal pain and itching during pregnancy.
This can be due to UTIs (urinary tract infections). You need medical treatment for this. So without any delay, you have to go to the doctor. Because these infections can be dangerous if not treated on time.
8. Light red urine during pregnancy.
This can be caused due to overheating in your abdomen. Drink lots of fluids. Ifnitdoesngo away after one or two times call your doctor. It can also be due to UTIs if you have some other symptoms like vaginal discharge, itching, pain in the abdomen, pain while peeing, frequent urination, fever, chills, etc.
9. Can I fast in Ramzan during pregnancy?
Yes, you can after consulting your doctor. If you have any pregnancy complications then your doctor will advise you not to fast. If you are perfectly healthy then you can surely fast. But you have to take extra care. You have to drink more and more water after the fast and before the fast. If you are not able to fast then you can skip fasting and do it later when you are healthy. Pregnant women don’t need to fast.



10. What foods to avoid during Pregnancy?
  • camel meat.
  • raw eggs.
  • high mercury fish.
  • unripe papaya.
  • pineapple.
  • alcohol
  • smoking.
  • Junk food.
  • spicy and oily foods.
  • drugs
  • medicines that are not safe for pregnancy.
11. Heartburn During Pregnancy.
It is also called indigestion and it is very common in almost 50 percent of pregnant women, particularly during their second and third trimesters. It is caused due to changes in the hormone levels in your body. It will go away on its own after some time but if it persists go to the doctor. He will give you some medicines which are safe to use during pregnancy.
To avoid heartburn avoid fried, spicy food, eat slowly, don’t lie down immediately after eating, wear loose-fitting clothes and bras, drink less water while eating, and keep pillows under your head and shoulders to prevent stomach acids from rising into the food tube.
12. I accidentally spilled 3 to 4 spoons of hot boiling water or soup on my pregnant belly. Will it hurt my unborn baby?
Nothing to worry about. Remember that your baby is safe inside the wall of your uterus and your skin has 7 layers along with muscles under it. If you spilled hot water, it may burn your outer skin or the second layer if the burns are more. It cannot go inside further. The burnt area may become red along with some blisters and You may have some pain for the next 1 to 2 days. Always remember to wash the burnt area with tap water for at least 5 to 10 minutes as soon as you get burnt to prevent the area from further damage. Don’t rub ice cubes on that area as soon as you get a burn. This can tear your burnt skin layer. No need to apply any ointments or toothpaste if the burn is mild. If the burn is severe or the pain is very severe you can call your doctor,
13. What are some effective Home remedies for fever, throat pain, cold, and cough in pregnancy? 
The common cold is one of the widespread viruses that we all get once or twice every year due to climate change, from another person, from the environment around us, etc. Young children and pregnant women are more prone to this infection as they have low immunity. Almost every pregnant woman might have experienced this. Since we cannot take any medications during pregnancy, it becomes difficult for us to fight for them. It may take a little longer to cure without medicine but it surely goes away after 1 to 2 weeks.  You can have warm liquids, green tea, coffee, milk tea, black tea, lukewarm water, salt water gargles, ginger and honey tea, honey in lukewarm water, veg, and non-veg soups, apply Vicks, take steam twice a day with Vicks, and eat raw ginger or garlic to ease your throat pain, cough, and cold symptoms. For fever, if you have a low fever like 98 or 99 degrees Fahrenheit, no need to take a Calpol tablet. If it’s more than 100, you can take Calpol 500mg tablet after asking your doctor.


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