Toddlers crying without any reason

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Newborns cry a lot the whole day to express their feelings or if they want something. Crying is the only language they know to express their feelings. They also know that they will get whatever they want if they cry. So they cry when they are feeling uncomfortable, need a diaper change, feel hungry, or feel pain.
Toddlers also do the same to express their feelings and emotions, Since they won’t be able to talk perfectly till 3 to 4 years of age.┬á Crying is very normal in babies and toddlers. You shouldn’t worry about it. But you must know the reason for their cry. Toddlers who cry very often make their parents very frustrated and angry. It’s normal for parents to get tired, tense, and angry seeing their kid crying a lot without any reason. But still, you should be a little patient and try to know why your baby is crying.
As parents, we get very tense easily when our cute little baby cries. We search for the solution or the reason for their cry. We ask them so many times but they won’t be able to answer you as they are still tiny and cannot talk. We have to find out the answer by ourselves. There will be some signs that your kid will show to know what is happening to him. Here are the main reason why your toddler cry without any reason:-
1. Feeling hungry or thirsty:- This is a very common reason for babies and toddlers to cry. Their stomachs might seem very little to us, but they often feel hungry. They need something or the other to eat every 2 to 3 hours. It can be a snack, water, meal, or milk. If you have a baby or a toddler at home, make sure you feed them every 2 to 3 hours. For toddlers, you can give some fresh fruits, juices, milk, or any other snack available at home every 2 hours. Full tummies will have more energy to play and stay healthy. Limit outside packaged and sugary foods as much as possible. Don’t completely avoid it because you know how kids are. By seeing those things on the other’s kid’s hand they will feel that you are a very strict parent and don’t love him.
2. Overtired:- Toddlers and kids may seem very active all day. We see that they don’t get tired easily as we adults do. They don’t even like to take a nap in the afternoon or sit in one place for 5 minutes. They are exploring the world around them all the time. But since they are little human beings just like us they also get tired after some time. And when they are tired, they have to sleep on time. Or else they might get disturbed or overtired. This can also lead to irritation and kids start crying to let you know that it’s time for them to sleep. So, when they are over-exhausted, just stop them from playing and feed them something, and put them to sleep. Sleep is very necessary for them to relax their mind and body. If they don’t want to sleep then just make them sit in one place and let them relax.
3. Time to sleep:- Babies and toddlers follow their routine perfectly. They want their food at the right time. And they want to sleep at the right time. Even half an hour late in their food or sleep can make them cranky and irritated. So they start crying because of sleep. Just leave all your work and put him to sleep. After he sleeps, you can do your work without any disturbance. No matter wherever you are, at a friend’s home, at a mall, shopping, on a journey, etc, your baby will start crying at the time he sleeps.
4. Needs your attention:- Sometimes your baby is just worried that you are not playing with him or loving him like before. Kids have lots of emotions mainly toward their parents. They always want to be loved and appreciated. If they notice that you’re not paying attention to him, they will start crying to get your attention. They are really smart. Whenever you love another baby or adore another kid, your kid will get irritated and start crying. Make sure you give equal love and attention to all your kids OR OTHERS KIDS.
5. Diaper change:- If your baby’s diaper is full of urine or soiled, it will cause irritation and they feel uncomfortable and start crying. You should change the diaper immediately to avoid diaper rash. So the next time your baby cries or feels uncomfortable, check his diaper.
6. Loud noises:- Newborns and babies are afraid of loud noises. Even the sound of the cooker and grinder that we use in the kitchen every day can make their ears hurt a lot. So make sure you close the kitchen door and your baby’s bedroom door before using these things. Other outside sounds including talking very loudly or shouting can also make them feel uncomfortable. This goes on until your baby turns 3 years old. After 3 years of age, your baby will be able to handle loud noises.
7. Stomach pain or gas:- Constipation and gas in the stomach hurts a lot. Babies have very small tummies and their digestive system is still not fully developed. So gases can form easily in their stomach after feeds. It’s very important to burp your baby after every feed. If your baby is having solids then let him play for some time after meals. Sleeping right after meals can lead to gas problems. If your baby is crying without any reason, check his stomach by slightly pressing it. If it’s a little hard, it means your baby is constipated. If its soft, then there is no problem. If your baby is constipated apply some coconut oil to his stomach and keep him hydrated.
8. Feeling ill:- This is one of the common reasons why babies cry without any reason. If your baby has any problem like headache, stomach pain, ear pain, fever, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, cold, cough, constipation, etc they will start crying continuously. Babies who are ill, cry a lot and always feel irritated. Since they love playing and jumping, suddenly being in bed all day and night can make them frustrated. They want you to be with him all day and night. Your presence makes them feel comfortable.
9. Wants something:- Since your baby can’t talk, they express their feelings and emotions by crying. If they want something, they will come near to you and start crying. This means that they want something from you. They want you to help him get that thing. If the thing is unreachable to your kid they will take your help to get it. If you don’t give it, then will start crying very loudly.
10. Bored:- This might seem very unreal to you. But it’s true. Kids do get bored especially if you have only one kid. They want to explore the world and if you keep them in the house all day and night without any siblings or friends, they will certainly get bored and start crying. Make sure you make a routine for your baby. Take him out for a walk in the evening every day and play with him. You can also invite your neighbor’s kids to play with your kid. Many babies who get bored often get addicted to cartoons, games, and screen time which is very unhealthy for your baby’s body. Letting your baby watch TV for one hour every day is ok but not more than that.
11. Afraid of something:- These small human beings are afraid of dark, loud noises of crackers and bombs, strangers, insects, animals, etc. They always want you to be near them. If they don’t find you around them, they get afraid and start crying. When they are afraid, be with them and hug them. Tell them it’s very normal.
12. Bad dreams:- Just like we adults get bad dreams at night, babies and kids also do. So whenever they get bad dreams at night, they get up suddenly and start crying. They will hug you tight and sleep very close to you at that time. So be with them when they need you. If you are not well then you can tell your partner or someone close to your kid to sleep with him that night.
13. Tantrums:- Kids are very emotional. They have more feelings than we do. They get sad easily, they get angry very easily, and They become happy within a minute. They are full of mood swings. If they don’t like something, they will cry and throw it away. If they like something, they will cry and take it. If you don’t give him something, they will cry and get angry with you. All these are very common in this age. just leave them for some time, they will try to settle down on their own and this is a very good habit. They will learn to control their emotions by themselves. You have to teach them to control their emotions. If you give him whatever he wants or do whatever he wishes for, he will continue the same when he grows up.

Kids are great Actors.
Don’t fall for their acting.
Instead, build a better hero in them.

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