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What is a Vaginal Discharge in a Newborn?

It is a thick milky white or greyish liquid that comes out from the vagina of a female. You can also notice bright red colored drops of blood from the vagina. A vaginal discharge can be a serious problem and also nothing to worry about depending on the color, frequency, amount, and smell of the discharge. If the discharge has a very strong smell or its color is green, then this might indicate an infection.  It can also be red, green, black, and yellow in color. Other than white and red, all other colors of the discharge are a cause for concern and you should go to your doctor immediately.

My Experience:-

This may seem shocking to you. How can a newborn girl get periods?. How can she get white vaginal discharge as soon as she is born?. Is this abnormal?. Does this mean there is a big problem going on inside the newborn?. etc, etc. All these questions will come to your mind when you see a red-and-white semi-solid discharge coming out from your baby’s vagina every time you change her diaper. I was also shocked to see red color blood coming out from my baby’s vagina. On the third day after her birth, when my mom was changing her diaper, I saw a milky white discharge that was string-like coming out along with the diaper from her vagina. I thought this is normal as she is a girl and I thought all girls get this after their birth. We asked the doctor about this. She told it was completely normal. It happens because of the estrogen and progesterone hormone that have passed into your baby’s body when she was in your womb. After birth, they come out in white and red bloody discharge. But I didn’t hear any other parent complain about this happening with their newborn daughters. No one in our family history ever went through this type of situation.

This white semi-liquid string discharge continued to come one day after the other. On the 5th day after our discharge from the hospital, we noticed blood coming out from the vagina when we were changing her diaper. We were all shocked. Because no newborn girl in our family ever got this at the time of birth. At first, my mom thought that this happened because of the quality of the diapers. I used Huggies brand diapers for my baby after 5 days after her birth. They had bubble-like structures inside and they were not too soft like newborn diapers that we get in hospitals pharmacy. So my mom told me that the baby may have hurt herself in the vagina by playing with her legs. And since the diapers are a little hard, they may have hit the sensitive skin of the vagina and bleeding started. But I was not ready to accept it. Because I know diaper companies make diapers according to baby comfort and why would they hurt. They are just made up of cotton and paper.
We thought of going to the hospital the next day but again thought this would be normal and it would go away on its own. Anyhow, we had an appointment with the doctor after 2 days. So we just waited patiently because my baby was normal. She was sleeping, playing, and feeding properly on time. She didn’t cry with any pain and had no swelling or redness in that area. I have already been taught by many doctors and elders that as long as the baby is normal or he is healthy, there is no need to worry about their health at all. After 2 days when we met the doctor, he told this is completely normal in some newborn girls and it is caused due to hormonal changes after delivery. He told it may last for 15 days. If it exceeds 20 days then there might be a problem. He also told us that it would stop on its own and there is no treatment required. You shouldn’t apply anything to that area as it is more sensitive and can easily get infected. So we just left it like that and used to clean the area with a clean baby wipe every day after a diaper change. After 15 days, it completely stopped on its own.

When to call the Doctor:-

  • If there is heavy bleeding from the vagina of your newborn girl.
  • If there is a foul smell in the discharge.
  • If the discharge is green or yellow in color.
  • If the baby has any pain in the abdomen or vagina.
  • If the baby cries when you touch that area with a clean cloth or when you try to clean it.
  • If the baby has a fever along with vaginal bleeding.
  • If your baby’s vagina becomes red and swollen.
  • The baby is getting irritated and crying continuously.

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