Fifth Month Baby Milestones

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 What To Expect?

Your baby has found that she is independent and tries to do so many things on her own like making sounds and exploring her voice, playing with her toys and staring at their colors and sounds, listening to you, and demanding her feeds when she is hungry. A major milestone that many babies achieve at this point is ROLL OVER back and front. When you lay them on their tummy they can roll back. Some other milestones are:-
1. Motor Skills:-
  • Can sit upright with support for a long time and without support for a few seconds.
  • Can hold their feeding bottle and drink milk.
  • Can roll from back to front.
  • Can grab their toys and move them from one hand to another and play.
  • Can stand on her legs with support.
  • Loves to see herself in a mirror.
  • Smiles a lot when you talk to her.
  • Can Respond to sounds.
  • Recognizes familiar faces.
  • Can reach for objects lying near her.
  • Can raise her chest and head with her hands when placed on her tummy.
  • Color vision improves a lot.
  • Puts everything in her mouth.


2. Sleeping Pattern:- Most babies sleep 10 to 12 hours throughout the night waking up for feeds at least 3 to 4 times and again going back to sleep. In the daytime, they will take 2 to 3 naps of 2 to 3 hours. Make a bedtime routine, so that the baby understands that it’s time to sleep. Give him a warm bath, change her clothes and diaper, Make her bed ready, switch off the lights, Swaddle her in your arms or sing a song or you can feed her too. This everyday routine will make her understand about the night sleep and she will continue to sleep till you switch on the lights and wake her up in the morning for feeds.
3. Feeding Pattern:-  Since milk is the only food they take they still need 24 to 36 ounces of breastmilk or formula milk in a day. They take 5 to 6 feeds in a day or more. If you have started solids the amount of milk intake will decrease a bit.
4. Vision:- Your little one can distinguish between two shades of the same color. They still don’t have 100/100 vision, their eyes are still developing. They prefer dark colors like red, blue, yellow, green, and orange. They can also see things at different distances and can focus on a particular thing.
5. Communication:- They start to make sounds like ma-ma-ma, da-da-da, ba-ba-ba, etc. They do not know the meaning of these words they are just exploring their new skill which is communication. They turn their head towards loud sounds or familiar sounds and may even respond by making cute sounds.
6. Height and Weight:- Your baby’s weight will be between 7 kg to 8 kg and height will be 65 cm or more than that depending on your baby’s personality. Every baby is different and so is their personality development. Check here to know more about your baby’s height and weight chart from 0 to 2 years.

Important Notes:-

  • Your baby is more active now in the daytime, so spend enough time with her. She loves your presence and enjoys playing with you. Pee-ka-boo is a very good game to play at this time, your baby will love that word and smile in return.
  • Make her bath time more joyful by giving her a bath in her bathtub. Place her favorite toys or any other baby-friendly things into the bathtub and see how your baby enjoys bath time.
  • Since your baby will now start to roll over don’t lead her alone on a bed or a chair, they may fall and hurt themselves.
  • Take her outside to a park or a mall and let her explore the outside world. Babies won’t stop staring at other people and things around them.
  • Let your baby have some tummy time on the floor. You can buy a colorful play mat and put all the toys on it and let the baby enjoy her tummy time. She will be busy reaching out and grabbing her toys and playing with them.
  • Check for Teething.


My Story:-

My baby was a cute little chubby panda when he was five-month-old. He was healthy and strong. At that time I didn’t know that babies can roll over and I used to keep him on the bed and let him play there with his toys and go to the bathroom or go to another room to bring something. I was alone at my house, my husband used to go to the office in the morning and come in the evening. So one day after lunch my baby was playing on the bed with his toys. I went into the kitchen to do something and suddenly I heard a very big sound, For a second, I thought something from the bed or the almari had fallen. The next second I heard my baby’s loud cry out of pain. I rushed to my bedroom and saw my baby who fell from the bed straight on his forehead and had a big red color patch on the side of his forehead. I started shaking and lifted him and tried to calm him but he was continuously crying and tears started rolling down my eyes.
This all happened within a minute. I was there with the baby and just went out of the room to bring something from the kitchen and heard my baby’s loud cry. I thought I am a very bad mother who doesn’t even know how to take care of her baby. After 15 minutes my baby stopped crying and fell asleep. I called my doctor and told him everything. He told me nothing will happen and he will be alright after he woke up. When he woke up he was completely normal and happy again but that red patch was there on his forehead for 4 to 5 days. His favorite toy fell from the bed when he was playing so he tried to take it and fell.

After that day I never left him on the bed and used to keep him on his play mat with his animal toys on the floor. When babies fall all their body is so much disturbed and hurt that they become very tired and drowsy and feel sleepy. If they fall from a long height, it can be very dangerous. They faint and a head injury can occur. So it’s very important to keep an eye on your baby when he is 5 months old because from now on so many accidents and incidents will happen. So better be prepared before yourself for the safety of your little one.




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