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Congratulations on your beautiful journey till now with your baby. Those last three months may have been a little tiresome to you but now you can enjoy yourself with your baby. As your baby now has developed much more in terms of sleeping, feeding, and activities. Some of the milestones which your little one will reach now are:-
1. Sleeping Pattern:- Your baby will now sleep at night for a straight 7 to 8 hours without waking up for feeds. If he still wakes up for feeds, don’t worry and feed him, he will learn to sleep through the night very soon as every baby is different. In the daytime, he will take 2 to 3 naps of 2 to 3 hours daily.
2. Weight and Height:- Till now your baby’s weight has doubled or more since birth. If your baby is not gaining weight or not feeding properly please consult your pediatrician. His height also will increase a bit. Check here to know more about your baby’s height and weight chart from 0 to 2 years.
3. Motor Skills:- 
  • Holds his head up independently.
  • Tries to reach and grab objects nearby.
  • Sits up with support.
  • Puts his hands in his mouth.
  • Kick and push with his feet.
  • Turns head from side to side.
  • Follows moving objects.


4. Vision:- Your baby’s vision has now increased so much from birth. Newborns prefer only bright black and white colors. By now your baby is also interested in the red, green, and blue pattern of colors. Buy some colorful BPA-free toys for your baby and let him explore all the colors. They can now look across the room and all the things around them but still, he prefers to stare at you closely as he loves you so much. If your baby’s eyes are not moving smoothly or not following objects consult your doctor.

5. Communication:- Your baby has now become familiar with your voice and the words you say like Sweetheart, let’s change the diaper, we love you, It’s feeding time, etc. They respond when you say these familiar words to them by smiling, making cool sounds, and babbling. Repeating the same words, again and again, will make them understand what you are saying and they love to hear the repeated words from you.

6. Feeding Pattern:- Your baby still has 4 to 6 ounces of breastmilk or formula milk every 3 to 4 hours.
Depending on the hunger and low weight of your baby, your doctor may recommend starting solid foods at this age. some babies are not full with just breastmilk or formula milk or both. But make sure that before starting solids there are some signs you have to look out for like:-
  • Baby can keep his head up straight.
  • Can sit upright with support.
  • Drooling when she sees you eating.
  • Tries to grab your food.
  • Has good head and neck control.
It’s better to start solids when your baby is 6 months older but if your doctor recommends starting solids now by checking his weight and growth chart, you have to be ready for a big challenge. Introducing solids to your baby initially is not very easy. He may refuse to eat by pushing the spoon, throwing back the food from his mouth, making different faces, etc. It takes time for them to understand what food is and how to eat it. Start with just one tablespoon of pureed banana or food that your doctor recommends. The food’s texture should be thin free-flowing liquid, like breastmilk or formula milk. Don’t give up if your baby is refusing to eat, keep on trying and your baby will surely learn to eat food.

Important Tips:-

  • Your baby can stand on his toes with support and tries to roll over though he won’t be successful at this time. Encourage him to sit and stand by providing support.
  • Massage your baby’s legs and hands daily for healthy growth. Apply baby hair oil or coconut oil on your baby’s head daily.
  • Talk to your baby to improve communication and listening skills.
  • Always maintain hygiene around your baby.
  • Keep the baby clean by bathing and cleaning his face ad hands with clean water. Keep yourself clean also as unhygienic conditions can cause infections in babies.
  • If you are starting solids buy a baby chair, BPA-free plastic spoon, and bowl or you can feed in clean steel utensils.
  • Try to give a bath to your baby in a baby bathtub with some of his favorite toys in it. He will surely enjoy it and it’s a great time to relax his body and play with water.
  • Check for Teething.




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