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 All You Need To Keep Your Baby Clean

Cleaning and maintaining proper hygiene for your newborn or your toddler is very important. Especially keeping the newborn always clean is very important because their immunity is very low and they may develop rashes or other infections if proper hygiene is not maintained around them. Nowadays there are many things available in the market with which we can keep our baby clean. But remember that many of these things have chemicals in them which can cause rashes on your baby’s skin. So it’s very important to choose products that are baby-friendly and without any harmful chemicals.


Even today many parents don’t use any baby products like diapers, wipes, powders, shampoos, etc. They follow their traditional methods and keep their baby clean. But this can make you tiresome because without using diapers it can be very hard for you to clean your baby every half an hour. If you have enough stamina you can do it. But if you just gave birth or had a c-section then it might be difficult for you. Thatswhy parents prefer diapers till they become healthy or till the baby reaches 3 years of age.
I didn’t use all the baby products available in the market for my baby. There are many baby soaps, shampoos, gels, body lotions, hair oils, etc. I feel they contain more chemicals and can be harmful to your baby’s skin in the future. Thatswhy I used minimum baby products for my baby. You don’t need all these things for your little one. Did you see how our grandparents took care of their children? They use all-natural products for their babies like sandal soap, olive oil, mustard oil, and coconut oil.
Whenever you clean your baby make sure your hands are clean and your surroundings are also kept clean.
In this article, I will tell you what products I used for my baby and what my doctor suggested to me:-
1. Baby Diapers



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  • This is also known as the doctor’s no.1 choice. This is the first preference of every parent for their newborn. 
  • They come in the form of pants. When you have to put on diapers for your baby you have to put them just like we put a pant or underwear on our baby. But while removing diapers you have to tear the two sides of the diapers which can easily tear off. 
  • These diapers contain aloe vera lotion in it which can prevent rashes and protect your baby’s delicate skin. 
  • It absorbs all the wetness and keeps your baby dry for up to 12 hours. 
  • It has a double leak guard which can prevent leakage from your baby’s diapers even after 12 hours. 
  • Available in all sizes like newborn, small, medium, large, XL, XXL, and XXXL. 
  • I used these diapers when my baby was one month old and he didn’t get any rashes and he felt very comfortable in them. 
  • But you have to keep in mind that newborns pee and poop a lot so you have to change the diaper immediately after poop and every 3-4 hours to prevent diaper rashes. 
  • So no matter what brand of diapers you are using make sure you change them every 3 to 4 hours or else your baby will develop diaper rashes.
  • While choosing the diaper size for your baby doesn’t depend on the age or months of the baby. Pick diaper sizes according to your baby’s weight. 
  • The other brands of diapers that I used are MammyPoko pants, Huggies and Supplies. All these three brands are very comfortable and easy for your baby to wear. 
  • In all these four brands Supplies are low in cost and Pampers are very high in cost. So choose what you and your baby are comfortable with. 
  • Always keep diapers in cupboards. Don’t keep them open to air as dust can accumulate in the diapers and cause rashes and infections in babies.
  • The supply brand of diapers and wipes is not available in Indian stores or malls. So you can buy it online on Amazon.

2. Wet Wipes


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  • Wet wipes are very important in your baby’s daily use. You will need it all the time. So I keep it very handy and carry it outside when I go out with my baby.  
  • I use it to clean my baby bump and private parts. I also use it to clean my baby’s hands and legs and very light on the face.
  • It is enriched with aloe vera gel and vitamin E which moisturizes your baby’s skin and prevents it from dryness and irritation.
  • It is alcohol and paraben-free and prevents your baby’s skin from rashes, allergies, and infections.
  • It has multiple uses you don’t need to look out for a cotton cloth to clean your baby’s face or hands at mealtime. Just take out a wet wipe and your baby is clean with only one wipe.
  • Keep it in your handbag when you travel outside so that you maintain proper hygiene around your baby and clean him while changing diapers or changing clothes.
  • I also used two other brands of wet wipes. those are Johnson and MeeMee wet wipes. But I felt comfortable with Supple’s brand because it has a natural fragrance in it and its cost is also low. Johnson wet wipes have a very strong fragrance and are high in cost. MeeMee wet wipes don’t have any fragrance and it smells like some chemical is added to them.
  • I also clean my baby feeding chair, potty seat, toys, and other baby products with these wet wipes. They have made my household work very easy.
  • You have to close the sticker on the top after taking out a wipe or else they all may dry up if you keep them open. So if you forget to close it you can buy the same wet wipes with a lid. Those are a bit costly but they are worth buying.

3.  Baby Handkerchiefs


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  • These are the perfect washcloths or face towels to use for your baby.
  • It is made up of 100% cotton material and is very light and soft.
  • It is very gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Its dimensions are 21cm in height and 21cm in width. 
  • This size is perfect for your baby.
  • You can use it to clean your baby’s face, body, hands, and legs with water.
  • You will always need a cloth while feeding your baby or giving milk to wipe off the food that comes out from your baby’s mouth.   
  • So make sure you have some cotton clothes handy to clean your baby.





4. Diaper Disposable Bags



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  • These bags are very necessary for you when you go outside with your baby. Whether you go to parks, malls, journeys, or other houses, you have to take this packet with you for easy disposal of soiled or dirty diapers.
  • You cannot just throw the soiled diaper in a dustbin in public places or when you visit someone’s house because soiled diapers can smell very bad if they are open to the air. Thatswhy these bags are specially designed to pack all the soiled items. 
  • This packet has a sticker with gum on it. After you place the dirty diaper in it you have to remove the sticker and fold the strap. That all. There will be no leaks and it locks all the odor. 
  • When you travel by train, by bus, in the car, on a flight, or when you have to change diapers outside, you will need this to dispose of the dirty diapers without making any mess. 
  • It doesn’t tear off once sealed. 
  • It is also bio-degradable.
  • The instructions on how to use it are already written on it. 




5. Baby Toothbrush


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  • Maintaining the oral hygiene of your baby is also very necessary. For newborns and babies under 6  months, we clean their mouths and gums with the help of a clean finger.
  • You can use these toothbrushes when your baby turns 6 months or one year old.
  • They have very soft bristles and are a perfect size for your baby to hold on to their own.
  • They come along with caps to prevent any dust or insects to sit on them.
  • Clean the brush before and after every use.
  • Apply a small amount of baby toothpaste on it and let your baby try it on his own.
  • Babies swallow the toothpaste as they don’t understand how to spit it up.
  • They will learn it slowly. Thatswhy special baby toothpaste is made which is alcohol and paraben-free.
  • These toothbrushes are non-slippery and have an easy grip for your baby to hold and brush independently.

6. Baby Toothpaste


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  • Chicco baby toothpaste is the perfect toothpaste for your baby who is 6 months and above.
  • It has many fruit flavors in it.
  • It comes according to the age of your baby.
  • So before buying check the age of your baby.
  • It comes in apple banana flavor for babies who are 6 months above.
  • It comes in a strawberry flavor for babies above one year of age.
  • It is fluoride-free and is very light on your baby’s teeth and gums.
  • Even if your baby swallows it, it doesn’t cause any harm to your baby’s stomach.
  • Close the cap of the toothpaste after every use.
  • Keep it in a clean and dry place.
  • You can also try Mama Earth’s baby toothpaste.
7. Baby Hand Sanitizer.


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  • Sanitizer is a must-have to clean your baby’s hands always or when you are outside.
  • This brand of baby chakra is an Indian product and is 100% safe on your baby’s hands.
  • It comes in a pack of 3. One is the sanitizer and the other 2 are the foaming hand wash.
  • It is sulfate, paraben, and formaldehyde-free.
  • It is non-allergic and has no toxins in it.
  • Since your baby’s skin is very delicate and light they need products that are chemical-free and natural. Thatswhy this brand is the best for your baby. I still use it as a sanitizer for my toddler whenever I go outside with him. 
  • You can use these products once your baby turns 6 months plus.
  • Just spray a small amount of sanitizer on your baby’s hands and rub it before having food or once every hour if you are outside on a journey.
  • It is travel friendly and you can use it anywhere outside. 
  • It is made from coconut, natural mango flavors, organic salt, and basil oil.
  • It is also dermatologically tested. 
8. Baby Grooming Set
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  • This is also one of the most useful things for your newborn baby.
  • Newborn baby nails are long and sharp. They gro their nails when they were in the mother’s womb and thrashy it’s important to cut the baby’s nails after 3 to 4 days of delivery so that the baby doesn’t hurt himself with those nails.
  • They scratch their face and body if they have long nails.
  • And of course, cutting baby nails is not an easy task. You are so much afraid to cut those small tiny tails fearing you might cut his little chubby fingers.
  • But now you shouldn’t worry about that because nowadays nail cutters are specially designed for babies and toddlers.
  • They are very small in size and do have not too sharp nails.
  • In the olden days, elders used their hands or mouth to cut their baby nails without using any scissors or nail cutters. Since baby nails are soft they come out easily if you remove them with your fingers.
  • This tiny lit contains 4 items. Baby Nail cutter, small nail scissors, nail trimmers, and soft-tipped tweezers.
  • You can use tweezers to remove mucus from your baby’s nose and ears.
  • You can also use scissors to cut your baby’s hair or other things.
  • With the nail trimmers, you can trim your baby’s nails after cutting them with a nail cutter or nail scissors.
  • They all come in a plastic oval-shaped box to protect them from dust.
  • The blades of the scissors and nail cutter are made from stainless steel, rust-free, and non-blunt material.
  • It’s travel friendly due to its small size.
















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