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 Daily Wear Clothes For Babies

Clothes are a daily need of every baby and babies below 6 months have to be fully covered and kept warm all the time 24 hours. So for newborn babies, you have to choose some comfortable and cotton clothes. There are many newborn clothes available in the market and online too. You have to prepare a separate cupboard for your baby’s clothes because your baby is going to have dozens of clothes. Everyone who is going to see your baby for the first time will bring something or other gifts for your baby, but most of them will be baby clothes. So for newborns don’t buy heavy or fashionable clothes. Dailywear clothes are best for your baby’s comfort. 

It’s better to buy baby products before your delivery date so that you don’t rush for all these things after the delivery because you won’t have time to do shopping with a newborn baby. Keep all the baby’s necessities ready in his separate room. In this article, I will tell you some basic daily wear clothes for a newborn baby which are online and low in cost. Babies don’t need costly and branded clothes because they are going to spoil them anyway by peeing or doing potty on them.  Baby clothes get dirty very often, so buy clothes that are machine washable and rough and tough to use. Always wash baby clothes separately. Don’t mix it with your or others’ clothes. And if possible use a mild detergent or baby-friendly detergents available n the market for washing your baby clothes. 
1. Baby Cotton Front open button Shirts

  • These shirts are full-sleeved and are perfect for your baby to keep warm.
  • It has buttons in the front for easy removal of the shirt and is very comfortable to wear too. 
  • You may have noticed that babies usually cry when you make them wear a t-shirt. That’s because t-shirts have to be worn from the head which can cause discomfort to them.
  • Thatswhy parents prefer clothes that have buttons or threads for their newborn for easy wear and removal. 
  • These shirts have beautiful colors and cartoons to attract your baby.
  • They can be machine washable.
  • They stretch or increase in width after using for one year. 
  • All the sizes are available from 0 to 12 months old baby.
  • If you want the same clothes for children above 1 year then you will get them on amazon.
  • This brand name is Nammababy and they have very cool baby products.
  • These clothes are perfect for daily use and you can use them regularly.
  • I used them for my baby and I loved them very much because they are low in cost, perfect for daily use, and machine washable. 
  • You will get a total of 6 colorful and vibrant shirts with attractive cartoons on it.
2. Baby Cotton Pants with Booties

  • These cute pants are perfect for your baby. 
  • They are made up of soft cotton material. 
  • They have different cartoons on them with bright colors.
  • The best part of these pants is they have booties attached to them.
  • So you no need to worry about socks or booties for your baby to keep him warm.
  • They come in all sizes from 0 to 12 months old baby.
  • They are perfect in winters as they keep your baby warm.
  • They have an elastic band on the waist which is easily stretchable.
  • They are low in cost and can be used for regular wear. 
  • Always buy clothes size a little bigger than your baby’s age when you are buying anything online.
  • Bigger size clothes will last long. 
  • These are also machine washable.
  • The elastic band of these pants will become a little use after one year of regular use.
  • While washing baby clothes you can use a normal detergent that you use to wash your clothes but make sure you use it in less quantity.
  • If possible you can also get baby-friendly detergents available now in markets. 
  • You will get a total of 6 colorful pants with attractive cartoons on them.

3. Baby Full Sleeves Cotton T-shirts with Matching pants

  • This combo pack has matching t-shirts and pants that are perfect for your newborn and toddler.
  • They have full sleeves and no front open buttons.
  • They have matching pants with an elastic band and no booties.
  • They are 100% cotton material.
  • They are machine washable too. 
  • All sizes are available from 0 to 18 month s old baby.
  • They are very low in cost and perfect for regular use.
  • A must-try product for all the parents.
  • You have to buy a head cap, mittens, and socks separately to keep your baby warm.
  • You will get a total of 6 sets with attractive colors and cartoons on it.
4. Baby Half Sleeve T-shirts and Shorts

  • If you want your baby to wear short sleeves and short pants then this combo will make perfect clothing for your baby.
  • They can be used in summers for babies.
  • Make sure that you have keep your baby warm wrapped up till 6 months of age.
  • After 6 months you can expose him to some fresh air outside.
  • They are made up of 100% cotton material.
  • It is a combo of 5 t-shirts and 5 short pants.
  • It is suitable for both boys and girls.
  • All sizes are available from 0 to 18-month-old babies.
  • Their colors are very vibrant and have attractive cartoons on them.
  • They are perfect for regular use.
  • They may stretch up after some time of regular use.
  • They can be machine washable.
5. Newborn baby Clothes

  • These clothes are specially designed for newborn babies for their comfort.
  • It’s very easy to wear for them as it has open buttons in front.
  • They are sleeveless and are made from cotton material.
  • They come in 8 different colors along with single-layer nappies.
  • This combo is for those parents who don’t want to use diapers for their newborns.
  • Since newborns develop diaper rash very often parents prefer to keep them without diapers for some time.
  • At that time this combo perfectly suits your baby and It is low in cost.
  • They are very low in cost and machine washable.
  • This size is for a 0 to 6-month-old baby.
  • It is suitable for both boys and girls.
  • They may stretch out or lose some color after regular wear after a certain time period.

6. Baby Bath Towels

  • A bath towel is a must for every newborn baby.
  • To dry him up after every bath is very necessary or he may catch a cold.
  • So we have to choose baby towels that are soft and comfortable on your baby’s skin.
  • These bath towels are perfect for your newborn.
  • They are perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • They have super absorption wipes that can quickly dry all the excess moisture. 
  • They can also be used for drooling, teething, baby shower, meal times, and for picnics.
  • They are made up of 100% microfibre fabric.
  • You can wash it in a machine.
  • They don’t have any dyes or chemicals on them which can be harmful to your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • You can also buy one towel or two, three, and four depending on your budget.
  • Its size is perfect for your newborn.  
7. Newborn Baby Gift

  • A perfect gift for a newborn baby. 
  • It has a total of 5 items. An open button full sleeve shirt, elastic band pant, shorts, head cap, mittens, socks, bibs for drooling or milk split. 
  • It is available in many colors like orange, green, pink, purple, yellow, and sky blue.
  • It is for a 0- 6-month-old baby.
  • It is made up of cotton material.
  • It can be worn in summer, spring, and autumn.
8. Babies Night Suit

  • These night suits are perfect for your baby to keep him warm and cozy all night.
  • They will cover your baby from neck to toe with one single piece of cloth.
  • You don’t need to search for a shirt, pants, socks, and a blanket.
  • These night suits are made up of thick fabric for a good night’s sleep.
  • It has front open buttons for easy removal of the cloth.
  • They have very vibrant and attractive colors.
  • They come in different colors like green, black, blue, orange, pink, red, yellow, and sky blue.
  • It is suitable for both boys and girls.
  • All the sizes are available from 0 to 18 months old baby.
  • Can be machine washed.
  • These night suits also come with an extra head cap attached to them. But when I bought it the head caps were small as my baby’s head was a little big. 
  • They come in a combo of 3 and 6-night suits. 

9. Newborn Baby Wrapper

  • A baby wrapper is very necessary when you take your baby outside to protect him from cold and to keep him warm.
  • These wrappers are very thick and keep your baby warm and cozy.
  • they are suitable for 0 to 6-month-old babies.
  • they come in a set of 2 wrappers. One is blue and another is pink.
  • For the first 6 months, your baby has to be kept warm all the time. This is very necessary for newborns.
  • It is made up of super soft flannel material which is baby-friendly.
  • You can wash it in a machine.

10. Kids Masks

  • Nowadays we all know how masks have become very necessary in our daily life. Whenever we go out we have to wear a mask and the same is with children.
  • These cotton masks are a must for your kid.
  • You can use it for a one-year-old baby too.
  • It can be used till your baby turns 9 years old.
  • They are stretchable and breatable. 
  • You can wash it and reuse it again.
  • They come in beautiful attractive colors and have cartoons on them.
  • You can use both sides of the masks.
  • For small children, you have to fold those threads 2 times to adjust to their faces.

11. Double Layer Cloth Diapers

  • They come in a pack of 12 reusable cloth diapers.
  • They can be worn by babies from age 0 to 6 months.
  • If you are not using diapers for your baby then you can go with these double-layer cloth diapers.
  • They absorb some amount of urine in them without causing any mess on the bed.
  • They have strings to tie the diapers according to your baby’s waist size. 
  • They are made up of cotton and hence your baby’s skin can breathe through it easily.
  • You can make your baby wear this when he is diaper-free for some time.
  • You can wash it in a machine too.
  • They have 12 beautiful colors and are knitted very strongly. 

12. Baby socks, hand gloves, and caps

  • A must product for every newborn baby to keep them warm always.
  • This set has 3 caps, mittens, and socks which are very necessary to keep your baby warm for 6 months.
  • They come in beautiful and attractive colors.
  • They have cartoons printed on them.
  • They can be washed in a machine.
  • They all are made up of pure and soft cotton material.
  • You can use this for a 0 to 12-month-old baby.
13. Baby Sweater

  • Your baby will need sweaters during winters to protect them from the cold. 
  • These woolen sweaters work best for babies.
  • They are easy to wash.
  • You can wash it in the washing machine.
  • It has long sleeves and a v-shaped neck.
  • It comes with a shirt, pants, shoes, and head cap which also covers the ears.
  • It has front open buttons to easily remove or wear. 
  • It is dark blue in color. 
  • You can iron it mildly.
  • It is suitable for 2 to 6-month-old babies.

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